Whales and Dolphins Eco Lodge

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Whales and dolphins eco lodge

Strategically located opposite the Parque Marino Ballena at Utiva de Osa, Puntarenas, Whales and dolphin combines natural elements and spectacular marine wildlife treasures with world class hospitality and top-notch amenities. The surrounding regions of this incredible marine park are home to secluded beaches, jungles, pristine waterfalls and rich reserves of marine ecology. The marine park was originally created in 1989 for preserving costal marine habitats of the area (including beaches, mangroves, estuaries, islands and coral reefs) and protecting endangered marine life such as the humpback blue whales. Offering the best costal view of the breathtaking Marine Whale National Park, this lodge is dedicated to upholding the principles of ecotourism, sustainability and conservation. Whales and Dolphins Eco lodge carries out several laudable sustainable initiatives such as energy conservation (in the form of air-dried laundry) and waste/toxicity reduction (in the form of a chlorine-free pool that is treated with salt). The blends the best of action-packed water adventure, marine wildlife viewing and thrilling rainforest exploratory activities. In a nutshell, the lodge captures the most striking natural details of Costa Rica to help its guests enjoy a truly enriching ecological experience.

Activities and Amenities

The Whales and Dolphins Eco Lodge offers some of the most exciting leisure options in the area including bird watching, dolphin and whale watching (the signature boat tour helps guests witness the marine wonders of Utiva first hand), hiking along the countless trails winding through lush tropical reserves, deep sea diving sessions, a tour of the picturesque beaches sprinkled around the Whales and Dolphins and a trip to witness the incredible waterfalls of the region. Other much sought after visitor activities are horseback riding through the beaches and isolated rainforest paths (with expert and knowledgeable local guides), excursion to the Cano Island (witness its rich marine life, go snorkeling and enjoy other water sports), a tour of the area’s verdant mangroves, challenging sport fishing, snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, sunbathing and several others.

In-house amenities at Whales and Dolphins include a chic gourmet restaurant (which serves delicious Mediterranean dishes in the backdrop of Utiva’s stunning coastline) and the Rain Forest Bar is an intimate, casual and fun destination for hobnobbing with fellow travelers over inventive cocktails and tales of natural expeditions against a spectacular sunset setting. Other comfortable facilities are multiple jungle trails, landscaped garden and abundant fruit trees. There is a swimming pool for adults and kids along with Wi-Fi Internet access throughout the lodge. In addition to this, Whales and Dolphins guests are offered access to Park Marino Ballena and Cano Island. Thus the lodge offers a bouquet of natural and convenient facilities, designed for optimizing the eco luxury vacation experience.


The eco lodge offers 20 tastefully appointed, spacious and comfortable rooms ( spread across two floors), which are all dramatically nestled on the edge of a striking ridge. Each room features elegant terracotta floors, a ceilings fan, a private bathroom (with hair dryer and hot water), a minibar, a phone, cable TV, air conditioning and a private balcony (offering awe-inspiring oceanic views).

Location: Utiva
Features: beach, river, waterfalls, nature reserve, marine park