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Arenal Oasis Eco Lodge

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Arenal OasisOwned by the local Rojas Bonilla Family, the quaint, intimate and homey charm radiating Arenal Oasis Eco Lodge is a combination of an incredible natural experience with personalized service and responsible tourism. This property is primarily an ecological farm that has dedicatedly practiced sustainable development methods along with stringent conservation norms for several years. Conveniently located at a distance of 10 minutes from the La Fortuna town center, a breathtakingly beautiful waterfall and the region’s popular hot springs; this quiet and unassuming eco lodge is known for its sustainable practices and its old-fashioned nature lodge aura. Arenal Oasis is more geared for visitors who seek a warm, family style hospitality experience in an intimate environment minus the exclusive trimmings that are characteristic of the bigger luxury eco resorts. This is a simple, down to earth property that lets you enjoy the beauty of its surrounding areas by staying as natural and true to its purpose (of conserving the region’s resources) as possible.

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Catarata Eco Lodge

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cataratas-eco-lodgeCatarata Eco Lodge is an unpretentious, family atmosphere sporting La Fortuna accommodation that combines the best of responsible tourism, comfortable amenities and a variety of captivating natural experiences. Nestled in the shadows of the breathtaking Arenal Volcano, far away from the chaos of city life; Catarata is a mélange of natural relaxation, cultural discovery and environmental education. The property’s strategic location in Arenal’s risk free zone allows visitors to enjoy spectacular vistas of the volcano from a safe distance, while also awarding them the opportunity of indulging in a cultural rhapsody at neighboring village communities. In addition to pristine waterfalls, Catarata’s surroundings comprise thermal waters and lush rainforests, among several other incredible topographical wonders. This quaint countryside beauty radiating eco retreat has been dedicatedly involved in the preservation of natural resources for the benefit of future generations. Catarata is a perfect fit for visitors looking to savor the unassuming natural charm of Costa Rica minus the characteristic touristy feel in plusher resorts.

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La Leona Eco Lodge

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la leona eco lodge

Nestled in an alluring backdrop of Corcovado’s tropical rainforests and a picturesque Pacific Ocean stretch, La Leona Eco Lodge is a fascinating montage of comfortable holiday facilities, responsible eco tourism, local cultural gems and innumerable natural experiences (the spectacular sunset being one of them). Owned by the local Morales Polanco family, this quaint and unassuming little natural paradise keeps guests as connected to nature as possible, while still offering the characteristic amenities of a vacation retreat. Sprawling across 36.5 hectares of primary rainforest, La Leono combines superlative nature infused aromas, sights and sounds to create a heady natural experience. The lodge’s surroundings have been befittingly described by the National Geographic as “one of the most biologically intense places in the world”.

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Turtle Beach Lodge

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turtle beach lodge hotel

Nestled in the lush Province of Limon within the Tortuguero National Park, Turtle Beach Lodge is a secluded luxury resort that sprawls across 175 acres of pristine jungle trails, an isolated beach stretch on the Caribbean and a picturesque private canal. Guests can savor a variety of natural experiences from witnessing endangered sea turtles on the nesting grounds of the beach to exploring the incredible biodiversity of the region in the form of eleven distinct habitats. Puerto Limon, located at a four hour boat ride from the lodge, is a tourist hub for its spirited nightlife and innumerable bars and restaurants. For the less boisterous, Turtle lodge offers the ultimate seclusion in the heart of Tortuguero’s tropical forests and striking lagoons. A unique combination of unlimited adventure and heady relaxation, this beach lodge has many visitors rooting for its signature hospitality and quaint country style luxury. The cherry on the cake is Turtle Lodge’s consistent efforts at supporting the local community in the form of donating to the COTERC for the cause of turtle research and construction of their museum. A luxury paradise with a heart, Turtle Beach Lodge has also contributed to help rebuild the neighborhood school and donated musical instruments to the local children’s dance troupe.

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Tortuga Lodge & Gardens

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Location: Tortuguero
Price: $138-$138/night
Features: Ocean, river, guided trails, turtle tours, rainforest

.tortuga lodge & gardens


Nestled prettily on a 146-acre private land on the northeast Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, Tortuga Lodge and Gardens offers splendid views of the adjoining Tortuguero National Park and its tropical water bodies. Surrounded by lush lawns, a colorful riot of orchids and innumerable tropical trees, the thatched riverside eco-retreat (owned by the much experienced Costa Rica Expeditions) is well-known for its customized nature-based activity packages and world-class yet personalized service. The lodge positions itself as an intimate and higher budget small-size getaway for clients looking for a more exclusive experience. One of the oldest lodges in the Tortuguero region, the Tortuga Lodge and Gardens features labyrinth forest trails in its vicinity along with a multitude of comfortable in-house guest amenities. This natural retreat has mastered the art of combining the well-appointed elegance of a luxury resort with the unadulterated rustic natural charm of an eco-lodge.

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