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Nitrox Diving in Cocos Island

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Nitrox Diving Costa RicaThe ultimate eco lodge in Costa Rica isn’t even on land, but a liveaboard boat that visits Costa Rica’s best scuba diving spot, the famous Cocos Island.

It seems that your allowed underwater time in every single dive is not enough to fully enjoy the amazing dive sites of Cocos island. This is due to the fact that we are preventing the build-up of nitrogen in our body system. Comprising 78% of the compressed air that we breath from our scuba tanks, nitrogen is not really used up in our body, and if accumulated, can lead to nitrogen narcosis. But what if there is a method to safely extend your underwater journey in Cocos island, will you grab this opportunity?

What is Nitrogen Narcosis?

Unlike oxygen which is considered the primary gas in supporting human life, nitrogen gas on the other hand, has almost no use in our body. But we cannot get rid of nitrogen as it goes together with oxygen in comprising the air that we breath.
During your first dive, your nitrogen level will increase and this may shoot up to its maximum level if you go deeper. This is the reason why you should make a surface interval before making your second dive allowing your nitrogen level to decrease, if not, go back to its normal level.

Just incase you violated this standard rule, nitrogen narcosis will immediately set in where signs and symptoms include light-headedness, inattentiveness, difficulty concentrating, poor judgment, anxiety and decreased coordination. Some have said that the effects of nitrogen narcosis is comparable to the effects of drinking a bottle of tequila. Although the effects of nitrogen narcosis can be considered minor, but if not properly managed, can lead to fatal consequences.

How does Nitrox safely extend your Bottom Time?

Dive professionals has come up with a simple and clever way to prevent the onset of nitrogen narcosis: decrease the nitrogen content in the compressed air by increasing oxygen content. Then, low and behold, nitrox is born.

The typical nitrox formula being use in dive shops today is nitrox 32. This means that nitrogen is decreased by increasing the oxygen content to 32% from your typical 20%. If this is the case, then you may ask this question: Why not use pure oxygen like the ones you see and use in a hospital. There are 2 things that you should remember. First of all, pure oxygen becomes toxic after you reach a certain depth. This is also the reason why Nitrox has its depth limitation. While you are given an extended bottom time, Nitrox 32 is only safe to use up to a depth of 34 metres (112 ft). And secondly, nobody wants to go to a medical facility like a hospital.

Nitrox Diving as a Specialty Certification Course

After reading the above premise and now excited to go diving knowing that you have the option to extend your underwater botom time, we would like to clarify that not all certified divers can use it. Nitrox diving requires training and certification.

Offered as a specialty course, certified open water divers and advanced open water divers can have the option to enrol for the Nitrox Specialty Diving Course. Signing-up with this course allows you to gain knowledge on the science behind diving gas composition and blending for a specific depth.

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Vista las Islas

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vista las islas

Vista Las Islas Spa & Eco Reserva is a premier eco hotel that is as stylish as it is comfortable, exclusive and aesthetic. Located in Costa Rica’s ethereal Nicoya South Peninsula region, this lodge provides a fair share of the best of everything that the country has to offer from breathtaking tropical rainforests to unsullied beaches to immaculately maintained gardens and a string of action packed activities. Guests can feast on a variety of natural experiences such as enjoying the sunset from a private terrace or relaxing in the swimming pool (in an exotic luxurious tropical garden backdrop no less). Vista Las Islas spells sublime luxury and an understated charm that is strategically created to offer the necessary comforts without taking away from the natural aura of the surroundings.

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Catarata Eco Lodge

Posted by on Feb 22, 2012 in Arenal-Monteverde Eco Lodges | Comments Off on Catarata Eco Lodge

cataratas-eco-lodgeCatarata Eco Lodge is an unpretentious, family atmosphere sporting La Fortuna accommodation that combines the best of responsible tourism, comfortable amenities and a variety of captivating natural experiences. Nestled in the shadows of the breathtaking Arenal Volcano, far away from the chaos of city life; Catarata is a mélange of natural relaxation, cultural discovery and environmental education. The property’s strategic location in Arenal’s risk free zone allows visitors to enjoy spectacular vistas of the volcano from a safe distance, while also awarding them the opportunity of indulging in a cultural rhapsody at neighboring village communities. In addition to pristine waterfalls, Catarata’s surroundings comprise thermal waters and lush rainforests, among several other incredible topographical wonders. This quaint countryside beauty radiating eco retreat has been dedicatedly involved in the preservation of natural resources for the benefit of future generations. Catarata is a perfect fit for visitors looking to savor the unassuming natural charm of Costa Rica minus the characteristic touristy feel in plusher resorts.

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Aguila de Osa Inn

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Agulia de Osa Inn is a charming Drake Bay located high bluff dwelling that is strategically nestled on the extension of the Corcovado National Reserve in Costa Rica’s famed Osa Peninsula. The raw natural beauty of its surroundings (in the form of wilderness personifying rainforests, untainted beaches and perfect azure waters) coupled with a huge range of action-packed excursions and secluded, luxuriously rustic accommodation options have made Aguila de Osa Inn the preferred stopover of nature/adventure buffs. Guests here can treat themselves to a variety of rich natural experiences, from dining at the restaurant in the backdrop of a stunning bay view to relaxing in their hillside tucked suites. The inn is also a few nautical miles away from Cano Island (a pristine snorkeling and hiking hotspot), thus making its immediate surroundings one of the most biologically gifted regions in the world complete with panoramic views, virgin forests and an exciting assortment of wildlife species.

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El Sabanero Eco- Lodge

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el sabaneroLocated in the province of Guanacaste at a few minutes’ drive from the famous Tamarindo Beach, El Sabanero eco lodge is prettily positioned between a lush tropical landscape and a perfect beach setting. The property practices a number of sustainable initiatives such as energy conservation, toxic/waste minimization, recycling programs and community development activities, among several other significant steps for protecting its natural surroundings. Guests can enjoy everything from a world class golfing session at the Hacienda Pinlla to surfing on the action-packed waters of Playa Grande and Tamarindo beaches. El Sabanero Lodge is an invigorating mixture of pure natural pleasure (think waking up to the sounds of howler monkeys and witnessing exotic butterflies), top notch facilities, comfortable accommodation and a wide range of nature/adventure based activities to experience the unsullied energy and infallible charm of Costa Rica’s north Pacific region.

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