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La Leona Eco Lodge

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la leona eco lodge

Nestled in an alluring backdrop of Corcovado’s tropical rainforests and a picturesque Pacific Ocean stretch, La Leona Eco Lodge is a fascinating montage of comfortable holiday facilities, responsible eco tourism, local cultural gems and innumerable natural experiences (the spectacular sunset being one of them). Owned by the local Morales Polanco family, this quaint and unassuming little natural paradise keeps guests as connected to nature as possible, while still offering the characteristic amenities of a vacation retreat. Sprawling across 36.5 hectares of primary rainforest, La Leono combines superlative nature infused aromas, sights and sounds to create a heady natural experience. The lodge’s surroundings have been befittingly described by the National Geographic as “one of the most biologically intense places in the world”.

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Leaves and Lizards Arenal

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leaves and lizards arenal

Leaves and Lizards Arenal Volcano Retreat is a tiny, unassuming and intimate accommodation facility spread over 26 acres of pristine hills and an incredible country style old worldly charm that emphasized by a mountain valley landscape. Originally constructed as a dairy farm, Leaves and Lizards’ land was deforested and segmented into 30 pastures. The current owners bought this alluringly quaint property in 2006 and planted a staggering 3000 trees in its premises. They also worked diligently towards protection of the region’s springs and restoration of the surrounding rainforest. This is also one of the most sought after properties for conducting research studies on the area’s well chronicled biodiversity. Leaves and Lizards is as famous for its fine pedigree horses (and private equestrian trails) as it is for its simple rustic experiences such as participating in early morning farm chores (making cheese, milking cows, collecting eggs). The property is perfect for patrons seeking a down-to-earth, unhurried and honest to goodness farm experience without any fake top of the line frills coloring an authentic nature experience.

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