Savegre Mountain Hotel

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Located in San Gerardo de Dota (a tiny community nestled within the Talamanca Mounatins) amidst a thriving ecosystem, Saverge Mountain Hotel offers one of the most superlative bird watching experiences in Costa Rica with its naturally heady surroundings, comprising verdant cloud forests, pristine mountain air and incredible fruit orchards. Packed with comfortable amenities and memorable nature/adventure based activities, the lodge is an invigorating mix of untouched natural charm and man-made luxury. The eco hotel features perfectly landscaped gardens along with a seeming endless network of walking trails on a private reserve. Owned by the locally renowned Chacon family, the hotel succeeds in offering top-notch service and impressive facilities, while still maintaining the equilibrium of its precious natural surroundings. Sustainable initiatives carried out by the Savegre include recycling programs, energy conservation channels and waste/toxic reduction projects. The hotel is ideal for visitors looking to enjoy the region’s signature hospitality without damaging its invaluable ecological assets.

Activities and Amenities

Savegre’s lush natural ambiance is a hotbed for several nature/adventure based activities including a bird watching tour (booking a naturalist guide is recommended to help you optimize your birding experience), an exciting cloud forest night tour (guides help you lookout for the Mottled Owl, the Bare-shanked Screech-Owl and the rare Unspotted Saw-whet Owl post sundown) and hiking (to the Buena Vista Mountain top for enjoying awe-inspiring vistas of the southern Pacific and some Central Cordillera volcanoes). Horseback riding through the stunning viewpoints featuring riding trails is another popular guest activity at the Savegre Mountain Hotel. Other sought after tours include a trip to the Paramo In Los Quetzales National Park (encompasses 5000 hectares and 14 eco-systems, where guests can enjoy spectacular panoramas of the Talamanca Cordillera and the Central Volcanic Cordillera volcanoes) and a thrilling waterfall tour that takes guests along a beautiful trail, which concludes at the picturesque Savegre River Waterfalls.

In-house amenities at the hotel include a welcoming and luxurious looking spa (which features an exhaustive collection of relaxing treatments including massages, body wraps, exfoliation treatments and facials), the Las Bromelias Restaurant (serves a blend of international cuisine and authentic Costa Rican fare with buffet and la carte options) and the Las Robles Bar and Lounge. Other facilities offered by Savegre are internet access, a well-equipped conference room and the Quetzal Education and Research Center.

Guests looking to channelize their exploratory pangs can navigate the labyrinth paths on the hotel’s private nature reserve, which comprises of a staggering 988 acres of biodiversity and meticulously graded trails (catering to a variety of physical capabilities). Take along a trail map and explore the network of interconnected trails on an unaided adventure mission or book a naturalist guide to get the expert insider’s perspective.


Accommodation at the Savegre hotel consists of 50 comfortable and well-appointed rooms – 21 standard and 29 Junior Suites. All rooms are encircled by pretty gardens with a mountain view, and are spacious, while featuring a terrace for relaxation, bird watching and enjoying surrounding views. Each standard room is equipped with a private bath (hot water), heater and snug beds. Junior suites feature a hot water private bath (equipped with a tub), a cozy fireplace and king size bed. The rooms are minimalist yet comfortable, airy and have an intrinsic back-to-nature vibe.


Savegre Mountain Hotel has a special 7 days/6 nights package deal that is priced at $ 899 USD, $ 799 USD and $1599 USD on double, triple and single occupancy respectively. Package includes transportation to and from San Jose, lodging, meals, planned activities, transportation and taxes at Selva Verde and Savegre.

Location: San Gerardo de Dota
Price: $110/night onward
Features: spa, river, waterfalls, nature reserve