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For the sake of civilization, with industrialization and development in this era of consumerism, we are making a lot of changes and alteration in our surrounding nature. As a result we have to experience many types of unprecedented problems and challenges such as climate change, loss of habitat, social disconnection, environmental degradation, lack of food sovereignty and many more. These challenges are happened due to the unsustainable use of finite resources and the western way of living along with the unsustainable farming practices. To overcome these problems we need to make some positive changes. ‘Permaculture’ is a great way to start the positive changes and protect our nature from any kind of danger. Derived from ‘Permanent’ and ‘Culture’, Permaculture is a a philosophy & an approach to land and Yoga is a philosophy of life and an approach to our physical and psychological health. It is based on mimicking efficient patterns and relationships found in nature.

Coined by Aussie farmer Bill Mollison in the 70s, Permaculture has become a big buzzword in the recent years in the landscaping world. This practice allows us to lead a sustainable lifestyle. This practice is based on three ethics-care of the earth, care for people and fair share. By applying these principles in our daily life, we can make the transition from being dependent consumers to becoming responsible producers. We don’t need to be a farmer or an expert in every possible area or nor do we have to learn every skill possible. Anyone can learn about Permaculture by joining a Permaculture course. There are many eco villages and farms which offer Permaculture workshops and volunteer programs. These types of workshops allow us to learn the techniques of creating meaningful connections, the way of making an organic garden, mimicking the nature by working with it rather than against it. We can also learn the techniques of cycling nutrients through garden or cycling resources through our community. If you are interested in going for a vacation and enjoy Permaculture and Yoga retreat, you can choose the organic farm Rancho Delicioso that offers Permaculture and Yoga Course (PYC).


Josephs-TreehouseRancho Delicioso, an eco-farm and Permaculture volunteer project, is located on the Southern Nicoya Peninsula. Nestled near to the two famous beach town Montezuma and Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, this eco farm a perfect place for the people who are interested in an ecological, healthy and artistic lifestyle. As this farm is just within 10 to 15 minutes from the two relatively undeveloped beach towns, it is also perfect location for the nature lovers. Surfers will also find this eco-village perfect as they will find surfing waves within 15 minutes as well as Playa Hermosa within 25 minutes or so. Surrounding area of Rancho Delicioso is relatively dry, yet still remains green throughout the year. Just because of the surrounding are, many yoga lovers visit this part of the country to enjoy Yoga retreats. If you visit this eco-farm, it will be helpful for your pursuit of a healthy and sustainable future.

Course Details:

Rancho Delicioso offers Permaculture and Yoga Program (PYP) for 7 Days/6 Nights. This package is offered in a low rate and includes 3 delicious meals per day and all of those meals are prepared with fresh products which are collected from the farm or local providers. This eco farm provides everything you need to enjoy all the comforts and you will also get the opportunity to work closely with nature. You can work as a volunteer and learn how to practice sustainable living. This week-long program starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday and if you want to know about the Permaculture and about Yoga, you can stay for an additional second week and the additional time will cost $140.

Daily workshops on Permaculture basics:

This daily workshop can be joined by anyone who are interested to earn the basics, principles and ethics of Permaculture and it is not necessary to have any previous knowledge. This workshop is designed with the lessons based on the first stage of gardening. It will encourage you to follow the permaculture practice in your daily life. You will come to know about the Permaculture ethics and principles including the techniques of mimicking the nature to make sustainable surroundings. You will also know about the techniques of observing and utilizing Micro-climates. You will work on natural site under the guidance of an expert who will help you to learn the full process of gardening. You will not only learn about gardening rather will also learn how to apply the Permaculture principles to food production, home design and sustainable living. You will also know about the plants which are used for making medicine.

Daily Yoga Classes:

New-Anamaya-Yoga-DeckRancho Delicioso offers daily ‘Open Level’ yoga classes which are perfectly designed for the beginners as well as for the advanced yogis. You can also enjoy practicing Yoga workouts at the Anamaya Resort that is considered as one of the best Yoga resort in Costa Rica.

Aerial Silk Basics:

Aerial-Silk-by-LivioAerial Yoga techniques is getting popularity day by day all around the world. You will have a thrilling experience while climbing up with a suspended fabric anywhere from 20-50 feet high and making your body movements like yoga workouts. This technique need enough balance, strength and flexibility as well as you will have to be focused and concentrated. Aerial silk is also known as aerial curtains, aerial fabrics, aerial tissue, and aerial ribbons. You will have to make the movements with breathing techniques. It is true that this type o movement is very challenging but effective too and it is also used as a dance form.

Intro to Massage:

At the time of enjoying Permaculture and Yoga Retreat at Rancho Delicioso, you will get the opportunity to know about the techniques of giving and receiving Thai Yoga Massage. This 2,500-year-old Ayurvedic-based body science helps to get rejuvenated, refreshed and renewed by getting rid of any kind of tension, stress or depression.

Healthy Cooking and Nutrition:

Raw-Chocolate-Making-ClassYou have to know about healthy cooking and nutrition as well as proper diet for maintaining a healthy life-system. Rancho Delicioso Eco farm offers a course based on some cooking and nutrition basics.

More info: http://ranchodelicioso.com/permaculture-yoga-program-pyp/


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