Rainforest Eco lodges in Costa Rica

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Rainforest can be described as a tall, dense jungle that rich in biodiversity found typically in tropical areas with consistently heavy rainfall. As many as 30 million species of plants and animals live in tropical rainforests and these species need to learn to adapt to the hot and humid climate of the rainforest. There are so many Rainforest lodges in Costa Rica that offers different types of adventure activities, different type of health retreats and also offers all the facilities the guests need. While visiting a rainforest, guests will step into wilderness where time stands still in eternal moments of sheer bliss. Rain forests usually built with the materials that don’t harm the eco system. 

Almonds and Corals

almonds and coralsAlmonds and Corals is a luxurious Caribbean resort, a safari camp and also an eco-friendly boutique hotel that nestled in the  Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge. People who want to enjoy a vacation close to the nature to feel the harmony of nature and also seek luxurious facilities Almonds and Corals is the perfect place for them. Visitors can indulge their wild side by going kayaking, nature watching especially to catch sight of the poison frog indigenous to the area and dolphin spotting tours. Not only this, they can also enjoy many types of exciting adventure activities offered by the resort. Guests will start a typical day at the Almonds and Corals with wake-up calls from howler monkeys and chattering parrots and will end the day with a delicious meal at  the jungle encrusted, ocean front restaurant.

More info: http://www.costaricaecolodges.net/almonds-and-corals/

Aguila de Osa Inn

Aguila-de-Osa-InnPeople who love to stay close to nature, Aguila de Osa Inn is the perfect spot, set in the tropical paradise that  incorporates the natural attraction of verdant rainforests as a backdrop and untouched beaches in its foreground. It’s a few nautical miles away from Cano Island that is renowned for world class snorkeling and hiking spot. It is surrounded by the most biologically gifted regions in the world with panoramic views, virgin forests and an exciting assortment of wildlife species. Aguila de Osa Inn offers beauty and adventure beyond compare. Accommodations are designed in such a that those are tucked into the hillside which let the guest to observe the most breath taking view from any angle. Aguila de Osa Inn offers activities including hiking tours of the Corcovado National Park, water activities at Cano Island Biological Reserve, night wildlife tours and also whale watching tours.  

More info: http://www.costaricaecolodges.net/aguila-de-osa-inn/

Esquinas Rainforest Lodge

esquinas rainforest lodge

Esquinas Rainforest Lodge nestled on the lush Piedra Blancas National Park on the southern side of Costa Rica’s famous Osa Peninsula. While staying at this lodge, guests will experience the best of rainforest wilderness. Nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, bird watchers and wildlife explorers will get opportunity to explore the Corcovado National Park as well as the verdant Golfito Forest Reserve. Luxurious accommodation options with top notch amenities offered by this world class eco lodge. Guest will also be able to enjoy enjoy an exotic cultural escapade at the nearby La Gamba village and also can  savor the biodiversity of the Osa Peninsula.

More info: http://www.costaricaecolodges.net/esquinas-rainforest-lodge/

Finca Exotica

finca exotica

Finca Exotica is an organic farm cum retreat cum a significant portion of the lush Saimiri biological refuge. Built in 2001, this eco lodge offers an exotic combination of rustic sophistication with the principles of eco tourism.  This lodge let the guest not only enjoy adventure activities, or just to relax but also make them feel the harmony of nature and stay close to the nature. Its conservation based initiatives help the guests to enjoy the pristine appeal of Osa without damaging its rich biodiversity. Nature lovers can go on a self-guided walk through the lush confines of the rainforest to early morning bird watching. If they interested, they can also volunteering for  the resort’s sustainable environment activities. Guests will enjoy hiking through the popular Corcovado or other primary rainforest area surrounding Finca Exotica.  A series of yoga classes and rejuvenating therapy massages offered by Finca Exotica. In Finca Exotica, there is an in-house library stocked with a good collection of books on varied nature-based subjects.  

More info: http://www.costaricaecolodges.net/finca-exotica/

Pacuare Jungle Lodge

the pacuare jungle lodgePeople who love to enjoy eco tourism, Pacuare Jungle Lodge is an ideal vacation spot. It got its name Pacuare because of its proximity to the Pacuare River banks. People who love to stay close to the nature, they will also find this eco lodge as a nirvana of holiday retreats with various adventure activities such as hiking, rafting, and wildlife spotting. This jungle lodge boasts luxurious surroundings that are ideally juxtaposed in verdant natural surroundings. It gives importance to maintain eco-tourism and sustainable living. It offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit various budgets and requirements. While staying at this lodge, one will also enjoy exquisite cuisine in the lodge restaurant, different drinks in the bar, and swimming in its beautiful swimming pool. Pacuare Jungle Lodge also organizes optional tours and activities including adventure river tour in the backdrop of stunning riparian scenery, a day break activity tour and the One World Expedition “Plant a Tree” program.  

More info: http://www.costaricaecolodges.net/the-pacuare-jungle-lodge/

Samasati Nature Retreat

Samasati Nature RetreatSet amidst virgin rainforests in the backdrop of the Caribbean Coast, Samasati Nature Retreat offers the right blend of seclusion and access to top attractions around the region. People who are yoga lovers and also want to go for a adventure tour, they can visit stay at this lodge. This is an unpretentious nature retreat that gives importance to sustainable living, and try to maintain eco tourism service standards. It is only 6 miles away from the charming town of Puerto Viejo and 7.5 miles from Punta Unva Beach and Cahuita National Park. Samasati Nature and Yoga Retreat is really a great place to relax, rest, and escape the daily routine. It also offers some Spa Ayurveda Yoga Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, Therapeutic massage, Deep Tissue massage etc. Surrounded by tropical forest and lush organic gardens, Samasati Nature Retreat is an ideal base for exploring the rainforest.

More info: http://www.costaricaecolodges.net/samasati-nature-retreat/

Tierra de los Milagros

Tierra de los MilagrosTierra de los Milagros is nestled at the southern tip of Costa Rica, in the natural magnificence radiating Osa Peninsula. This is the perfect place for those who want to find the spiritual connection and harmony with nature. Surrounded by the biodiversity of some of the rarest species of flora and fauna in the world, with its isolated feel in an area of lush tropical rainforests Tierra de los Milagros is really different one. This lodge is also popular for the yoga retreats it offer that specializes in group and individual yoga instructional sessions comprising varied forms such as Astanga, Vinyasa, Anusara and Bikram yoga, among several others. At Tierra de los Milagros many food items are prepared from the fresh product collected from their organic gardens or caught daily from the Golfo Dulce. Accommodations in the form of beautiful handcrafted thatch-roofed bungalows, sit prettily amidst a lush ten-acre botanical garden.

More info: http://www.costaricaecolodges.net/tierra-de-los-milagros/

Turtle Beach Lodge

turtle beach lodge hotelTurtle Beach Lodge is situated in a secluded spot but it is luxurious with its facilities.  Its charms include approximately 175 acres of marvelous rainforest boasting well traveled jungle paths, a scenic private canal, and also a beautiful untainted beach. Its proximity to Puerto Limon also attract many visitors to this place as Limon offers a taste of the wild side of the Costa Rican entertainment industry. It takes only a four hour boat ride from the lodge to reach the Puerto Limon. For the less boisterous, Turtle lodge offers the ultimate seclusion in the heart of Tortuguero’s tropical forests and striking lagoons.  For its signature hospitality and quaint country style luxury, and also for the unique combination of unlimited adventure and heady relaxation the beach lodge has many visitors rooting. In Turtle Beach Lodge there is also a restaurant, a bar rancho, a turtle-shaped pool, lush landscaped gardens, a rustic hammock hut, innumerable forest trails and a secluded canal.

More info: http://www.costaricaecolodges.net/turtle-beach-lodge/