Osa Peninsula Eco Lodges

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An Eco lodge is a structure that is designed and developed with the intention of maintaining the ecological and environmental integrity of its surroundings. In short this means that the structure is built to complement rather than intrude on its environment. These have become popular as countries try to avoid damaging or destroying the natural surroundings by the intrusion of man, which is inevitable in tourist prone areas.   Some of the best examples of eco lodges can be found in the country of Costa Rica. To learn more please read this article: http://www.costaricaecolodges.net/category/osa-peninsula-eco-lodges/

Agulia de Osa Inn

Agulia-de-Osa-InnWith its proximity to Cano Island for world class snorkeling and hiking as the least of its attractions, Aguila ge Osa Inn offers beauty and adventure beyond compare. Set in the tropical paradise that incorporates the natural attraction of verdant rainforests as a backdrop and untouched beaches in its foreground, this eco lodge is the perfect spot for any nature lover. The suites are tucked into the hillside providing the visitor with the most breath taking view from any angle. Activities provided here include hiking tours of the Corcovado National Park, water activities at Cano Island Biological Reserve, whale watching tours and night wildlife tours.

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Bosque del Cabo

Bosque del CaboThe cliffs of Cabo Matapalo hold cradled in the nest of the rainforest the romantic hideaway of Bosque del Cabo. This eco lodge has a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean and is spread across 750 acres of prime forestry. The bungalows offer the convenience of being secluded while at the same time providing the shelter and sophistication that modern amenities can provide.  Well used and define trails lead into the forest where tourists can get a firsthand experience on the wonders of the natural world. This eco lodge is just minutes away from some of the most pristine beaches and activities here include zip lining, deep sea fishing, tree climbing and surfing in the clear azure waters.

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Esquinas Rainforest Lodge

esquinas-rainforestBiodiversity, cultural familiarity and nature preservation are some of the best features of the Esquinas Rainforest Lodge. The staff here take the concept of eco tourism quite seriously and offer guests a chance to be educated on the best way to enjoy the sights and adventures while leaving the area untainted and undamaged. Esquinas has the unique advantage of being in close proximity to both the Corcovado National Park and the Golfito Forest Reserve. Culture is disseminated at the nearby La Gamba Village while adventures can be had through bird watching, mountain bike tours, mangrove tours and flights to explore the scenic views over Osa Peninsula, Golfe Dulce and Piedras Blancas.

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El Remanso Lodge

el remansoThis eco lodge is owned and operated by its owner and has been in operation since 1999. During this time it has attained and retained a reputation for sustainable ecological practices and participation in the replenishing of the forest. Nestled in the rainforest, this lodge makes no pretence of its claim as a rustic eco friendly location. In maintaining this ‘green’ feel, the lodge supplies its own electricity through a micro-hydro system. El Remanso offers a variety of packages that are targeted towards making the vacation as family friendly as possible.  Attractions include a number of uninhabited waterfalls, beautifully inviting lagoon, small creeks and tide pools as well as a wide selection of naturally abundant flora and fauna.

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Finca Exotica

finca-exoticaThis eco lodge offers an exotic combination of rustic sophistication with the principles of eco tourism. Here can be found the calming influences of yoga in the same place as the subdued energy of the ever active forest and Saimiri biological reserve. Finca Exotica is also self sufficient in utilizing in its restaurants the organically grown crops from its organic farm. Tourists can be occupied on their holiday in activities that are not just enjoyable, relaxing and adventurous but serve the larger purpose of being harmonious with nature. The accommodations are first class while maintaining the look and feel of unique craftsmanship through the utilization of the natural materials found in the environment.

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La Leona Eco Lodge

la-leona-eco-lodgeThis lodge is owned by the local Morales Polanca family and its expanse encompasses 36.5 hectares of land and boasts an awe-inspiring view of the Pacific Ocean from the cradle of prime tropical rainforests with a magnificent, clear view of the daily sunset.  This place is for nature lovers who crave the perfect combination of natural adventure and culture where they can participate in activities such as turtle watching, kayaking or horseback riding tours of the rainforest and the wild. Accommodations are reasonably priced and while they provide all the modern amenities, they are packaged in a manner that enhances the natural and rustic feel of the place with an emphasis on utilizing the eco friendly concept of natural wood and beautiful gardens.

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La Paloma Lodge

la-paloma-lodgeLa Paloma Lodge is found perched atop a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean and is encompassed across 24 acres of lush greenery that segues directly into the verdant, bio-diverse rainforest. This eco lodge seeks to offer guests the comfort of modern amenities while blending into the naturalness of the bucolic surroundings.  The sights and sounds of nature replace the cacophony of city sounds that most visitors are accustomed to. Served by a team of friendly local employees who are generous with their knowledge of enjoying while preserving, visitors can find a perfect opportunity to bask in nature while accessing all the modern amenities in the accommodations provided. Activities here include jungle hikes, picnicking on the beach or enjoying the canopy tours.

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Lapa Rios Eco Lodge

Lapa-Rios-EcolodgeLapa Rios Eco Lodge has accommodations that have been created with the finest materials harvested from the natural surroundings and therefore blends quite harmoniously into the setting. It is based on 1000 acres of a private nature reserve and it offers a unique experience of being surrounded by the flora and fauna indigenous to the Central American region. The area is home to a variety of species of animals that can be heard at all times of the day to encourage the guest to feel a part of the nature that surrounds them. This eco lodge is perfect for the solitary getaway as well as for couples and families alike.

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Luna Lodge of Costa Rica

Luna-Lodge-of-Costa-RicaNamed after the owner who manages the place, it is easy to see and get caught up in the obvious sense of pride that emanates from this lodge: from the gardens that are so lovingly tended to the sprouting goodness that continuously emerges out of the hillside organic farm and is then transformed into luscious meals fit for royalty. Luna Lodge is serious about their connection to eco tourist and lives up to its edicts with limited access to the modern technology that is common in the hustle and bustle of daily lives such as cell phones and internet. With its 75 acres in the midst of the rainforest, guests can truly experience what it means to be connected to nature.

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Ojo Del Mar Eco Lodge

ojo-del-mar-eco-lodgeBuffeted in the front by the untainted beaches and in the back by the presence of the jungle in the form of the rainforest, this eco lodge offers the best of the two diverse but harmonious worlds in sea and land. With its bucolic setting and airy, sophisticated lodgings, guests can truly feel like they are a part of the natural surroundings that they are visiting. Here can be found beautiful gardens that are lovingly tended and that gracefully encompass the lush rainforest in the backdrop. Well worn trails also give guest an opportunity to explore the biodiverse flora, fauna and other natural wonders.

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Tierra de los Milagros

Tierra-de-los-MilagrosA more ideal place for finding spiritual connection and harmony with nature cannot be found above that offered by the Tierra do los Milagros. That is one reason why this eco lodge is so popular as the yoga retreat of choice. With its isolated feel in an area of lush tropical rainforests surrounded by the biodiversity of some of the rarest species of flora and fauna in the world, this area is truly like no other. With its thundering waterfalls, mysterious tide pools and untainted beaches, this little paradise hideaway is ingenious in its offerings of yoga, sea and surf. For the more adventurous there are other activities to entice such as waterfall rappelling, sea kayaking, canopy tree climbing, nature hikes and swimming with the dolphins.

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