Lagarta Lodge

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Location: Nosara
Price: $75-$120/night
Features: Ocean view, jungle, mangroves, river, waterfalls, nature preserve


lagarta lodgeIntroduction

Flanked by breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean on one side and the surrounding jungles on another, Lagarta Lodge Nosara is located adjacent to a 90-acre private natural preserve that offers nature enthusiasts access to everything from vast mangroves to lush rainforests to exotic wildlife species. Guests can catch glimpses of river beds, majestic jungles, imposing mountain ranges and rare bird species from the lodge. Add to this – an almost surreal sunset, the warm hospitality extended by knowledgeable owners and a peaceful natural aura for enjoying an intoxicating eco-vacation mix.

Activities and Amenities

Bird watching and hiking at the adjoining nature preserve are popular activities for Lagarta Lodge guests. There are well-marked hiking paths throughout the reserve, where early morning walkers can behold Nosara’s wildlife treasures, including raccoons, monkeys, reptiles, ambitious creatures, coatis, armadillos and a variety of birds (over 270 species). Entry to the reserve is complementary for Lagarta Lodge guests. The walk through this nature reserve begins at the lobby of the lodge and guests are given a map of the reserve along with a comprehensive list of the trees housed in the preserve and a brief description of them.

Walking for about 10 minutes down a rather steep path takes guests through a forest into the stunning Playa Guiones, where the golden sand and perfect surfing waves promise unlimited fun in the sun.

In addition to this, visitors can go on guided boat tours through the dense mangrove forests of the region on soundless electric powered boats. Horseback riding and turtle watching (mass turtle nestling and watching the hatched baby turtles scuttle towards the ocean is a not-to-be missed experience) at Ostional (located at a 25-minute drive from Nosara) are other popular activities for Lagarta Lodge guests.

Food, Service and Accommodation

The semi open-air restaurant at the Lagarta Lodge features a nice, world-cuisine inspired eclectic menu with fresh fish and other varieties of seafood. Lagarta also has a popular sunset bar, known for its canapés and inventive cocktails. The highlights of the breakfast menu are their freshly baked breads and home produced jams.

Accommodation is available in the form six standard rustic rooms each of which comes with an attached bathroom, a ceiling fan, air-conditioning and a balcony/terrace (offering sweeping views of the ocean, rivers, mountain ranges and jungle). The rooms are basic yet well-lit, spacious, clean and comfortable.

The service at Lagarta Lodge is as warm, personalized and attentive as its charming Swiss managers, Regina and Amadeo Amacker (who have extensive experience is the hospitality sector under their belt).


The rates between January 8th to April 14th 2012 are $ 75 USD, $ 95 USD and $ 105 USD for single standard fan, single superior fan and single superior A/C room respectively. For the same period, the rates for a double standard fan, double superior fan and double superior A/C is $ 80 USD, $ 100 USD and $ 110 USD respectively. Entrance fee for the Private Biological Reserve Nosara is included in the rates and breakfast buffet per person is charged at $ 8 USD minus taxes.