La Selva

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Location: Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí
Price: $84-$250/night
Features: rainforest, biodiversity, river, waterfalls, nature trails


La Selva


La Selva enjoys the distinction of being one of the foremost private protected regions of the country, and has been consistently serving as a torchbearer destination for encouraging environmental education, research, sustainability and eco-tourism in Costa Rica. Nestled in the Caribbean foothills, the lush natural reserve plays home to over 1500 species of plant, 350 varieties of trees and 440 types of birds, among several other rare wildlife treasures. It also functions as one of the most significant sites for researching the bio-diverse tropical rainforest ecosystem and has been responsible for the publication of over 2,600 articles, scientific thesis and books on the subject of forest dynamics and bio-diversity trends.

Located at the intersection of Sarapiqui and Puerto Viejo rivers, La Selva features varied habitats and 35 miles of immaculately-maintained trails within the tropical rainforest along with a host of nature-based activities/tours, lectures, workshops, custom-designed itineraries to introduce guests to the ecological wonders of the region. This isn’t a luxury seekers paradise but an unadulterated and pretense-free eco destination that offers functional accommodation and an authentic characteristic ruggedness of a real biological station.


La Selva Biological Station features a host of nature-based activities and tours for the ‘‘green enthusiastic”. There are half and full day guided walks through the tropical rainforests along with private early morning birding tours (with knowledgeable naturalist guides) and night wildlife tours.

In addition to the nature tours, visitors can participate in hands-on workshops such as the Scientist for one day workshop and Bird Watching 101 workshop. The biological station also offers popular boat tours that allow nature enthusiasts to explore the region’s wildlife through a boat tour on the Sarapiqui River for a couple of hours.

There are a couple of custom-designed itineraries, which are created to help enthusiasts explore the tropical rainforests of the region with the expertise of one of the world’s most authoritative institutions on the subject of tropical science, the Organization for Tropical Studies.

Attractions and activities near La Selva include white water rafting, chocolate tour, pineapple tour, canoe rides, butterfly garden, frog and snake garden tours, horseback riding and rappelling.


Lodging is available at the La Selva in the form of functional cabins equipped with twin beds, a fan and a basic balcony. They also have more spacious and comfortable family houses; which are equipped with a kitchen, two rooms, a private bath and terrace. Those looking for a real, rough and truly back-to-nature budget backpacking experience (complete with sharing travel tales with fellow backpacking nature enthusiasts) can accommodate themselves in the dormitory-style rooms, featuring bunk beds and shared baths.


The rate for the all-inclusive Cabins on a single and double occupancy arrangement is $ 89 USD and $ 84 USD respectively. All inclusive Family Houses are available for $ 250 USD/ per house for 4 people and $ 200 USD/per house for 1-3 people. Guided walks range from $ 22 USD for a Half day guided exploration per child to $ 38 USD for a full day guided exploration per adult.