La Paloma Lodge

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Location: Osa Peninsula
Price: $1230-$2120/package per person
Features: Ocean view, bird watching, guided nature trails


la paloma lodge


Nesting atop a soaring bluff overlooking the ocean and the neighboring Cano Island, the Drake Bay located La Paloma Lodge is spread across a 24-acre landscape that seamlessly blends with its adjoining tropical rainforests (home to a large assortment of wildlife and birds). The lush natural getaway is designed to offer guests a comfortable stay without letting go of the rustic elegance of its surroundings. It has also been consciously involved in exposing and educating guests to the splendor of Osa’s natural treasures along with efforts to preserve the picturesque region for future generations. Visitors will be enthralled by everything from unusual early morning jungle sounds to a stunning oceanic sunset that can be enjoyed from their balconies. Add a multitude of nature/adventure based activities to that along with a team of friendly employees and snug rooms, and you’ve been served an intoxicating mix of a calming natural retreat with a comfortable vacation resort.

Amenities and Activities

Guests will be spoilt for choice when it comes to indulging in nature/adventure activities around the region. Juxtaposed between the Pacific Ocean and a thriving rainforest, La Paloma offers several activities ranging from jungle hikes with experienced guides to invigorating massages by expert therapists. Picnicking on the beach is also a popular recreational option with several guests. Other activities organized by the lodge include canopy tours (zip lining through the treetops of primary rainforests bordering Corcovado National Park), horseback riding, kayaking, scuba-diving, birding and sport-fishing.

Service and Accommodation

The service at this quaint yet comfortable family-owned lodge is warm, personalized, intimate and professional. La Paloma’s friendly staff will go out of their way to extend their hospitality to make guests comfortable.

Accommodation at the La Paloma Lodge is available in the form of Standard Rooms, Ranchos and Sunset Ranchos. Standard rooms are equipped with single orthopedic beds, hardwood floors, a ceiling fan, hot water facility and a private balcony offering magnificent ocean views. Ranchos are 1 and 2 story private cabins, which are furnished king, queen and orthopedic beds, aesthetically tiled bathrooms (with hot water) and a private balcony featuring breathtaking vistas of the Pacific. Located at two strategic points on the property offering sweeping views of the ocean, the Sunset Ranchos are perfect for families and couples. Apart from artistically done-up private bathrooms on both the upper and lower level, the accommodation features single, king and queen beds along with an independent balcony that offers a spectacular view of the Cano Island sunset.


The high season 3 nights/ 4 days package is priced at $ 1230 USD, $ 1445 USD and $ 1570 USD per person for the standard rooms, deluxe ranchos and sunset ranchos respectively. Similarly the 4 nights/ 5 days package can put you back by $ 1400 USD, $ 1660 USD, and $ 1820 USD per person for the standard rooms, deluxe ranchos and sunset ranchos respectively.

All packages include round trip air and boat transportation San Jose/La Paloma, full day guided tour to Corcovado National Park, full day guided tour to Cano Island, park entry fee and taxes.