La Leona Eco Lodge

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la leona eco lodge

Nestled in an alluring backdrop of Corcovado’s tropical rainforests and a picturesque Pacific Ocean stretch, La Leona Eco Lodge is a fascinating montage of comfortable holiday facilities, responsible eco tourism, local cultural gems and innumerable natural experiences (the spectacular sunset being one of them). Owned by the local Morales Polanco family, this quaint and unassuming little natural paradise keeps guests as connected to nature as possible, while still offering the characteristic amenities of a vacation retreat. Sprawling across 36.5 hectares of primary rainforest, La Leono combines superlative nature infused aromas, sights and sounds to create a heady natural experience. The lodge’s surroundings have been befittingly described by the National Geographic as “one of the most biologically intense places in the world”.

Tours and Amenities

The pretense free Leona Eco Lodge’s rich, exotic country style natural settings coupled with its cultural experiences makes it a hotbed for nature/adventure/cultural activities. Visitors can enjoy the pristine charm of the Corcovado region by embarking on a guided tour of the rainforest or hiking along the Madrigal River or going on an action packed night tour to spot the area’s wildlife (monkeys, coatimundis, tapirs and the majestic puma) in all its nocturnal glory. There are day long kayaking and horseback riding tours, in addition to tours of the Corcovado National Park and the Sirena Rainforest. Seasonal tours of the region include the Carate Trail Tour, the gold diggers tour and a breathtaking turtle watching tour. All tours and activities have been designed keeping in mind various levels of interests and physical capabilities. To add a personalized touch to their guests’ nature/adventure pursuits, La Leona Eco Lodge also organizes private guided tours.
In-house amenities at this charmingly unruffled eco lodge include the Jardines del Mar restaurant, where patrons can enjoy hearty local/regional/international meals in a beautiful backdrop comprising panoramic vistas of the surrounding Pacific Ocean. Everything from their locally sourced ingredients to on the spot freshly baked bread is a treat for the health lover’s palate.


Accommodation at the La Leona Eco Lodge is available in the form of 20 back to nature tent-cabins, which are equipped with all comfortable amenities and an innately rustic aura. Most cabins feature a private uniquely designed tropical garden bath, while all tent-cabins have snug beds with high quality mattresses and soft cotton towels. The lodge is environmentally friendly, while providing top of the line vacation comfort facilities and personalized hospitality. This intimate family run property focuses on running the place as an incomparable natural Costa Rican experience as opposed to a mere commercial establishment. La Leona’s responsible tourism stand is reinforced in the form of its natural installations (wood platforms in tents are created out of reforested wood). All cabins are spacious, breezy and have large windows for facilitating natural ventilation to avoid any glaring lights that can be disturbing for the nocturnal creatures. Thus La Leona’s accommodations are a combination of minimalist elegance, ethnic charm and functional ingenuity.


La Leona Eco Lodge’s rates have been divided into two packages. Pack 1 is a three meals a day, tea and coffee pack; while Pack 2 is a dinner and breakfast, tea and coffee pack. High season rates for Pack 1 is $ 140 for double occupancy and $ 160 for single occupancy. Similarly high season rates for Pack 2 is $ 120 for double occupancy and $ 140 for single occupancy. Prices mentioned are on a per person per day arrangement and are inclusive of lodging, specified meals and taxes.

Location: Osa Peninsula
Price: $120-$160/night
Features: guided tours, restaurant, river, waterfalls, turtle watching tours, horse riding, kayaking