El Silencio Lodge

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Designed by one of Costa Rica’s most renowned architects, El Silencio Lodge & Spa is an unusual vacation property that brings to life the heady natural charm of a lush tropical cloud forest, rural farms and simple countryside houses. All elements used in the construction of the lodge including wood, glass and bamboo are brought together to complement the rustic feel and create an innately whimsical eco luxury aura. The upscale El Silencio Lodge (Silencio is Spanish for silent and the lodge epitomizes the spirit of tranquility in the threshold of nature) features an assortment of comfortable guest amenities ranging from an informally chic coffee lounge to a media room to a souvenir shop and intimate restaurant. Spread across five hundred private acres of a carbon-offsetting tropical rainforest, El Silencio Lodge & Spa is beautifully hidden by pristine waterfalls and other spectacular topographical features.

Activities and Amenities

El Silencio’s surroundings provide a perfect setting for a variety of nature/adventure based pursuits for stressed nerves seeking to submit to the glory of nature. Attractions in the vicinity include the Poas Volcano, the Arenal Volcano and Sarchi Arts and Crafts town (famous for the Costa Rican oxcart recognized by the United Nations as part of mankind’s cultural heritage). Some of the best oxcart artists make their masterpieces in the town’s colorful looking workshops and craft stores. Other popular tourist activities in region are bird watching, horseback riding, mountain biking, canopy zip lining, picking organic vegetables from the lodge’s impeccably maintained garden, planting trees, embarking on an exciting Elementos trail (a surreal holistic journey that focuses on offering visitors specific sensory experiences based on the 4 main elements of nature). Apart from these, visitors are also treated to a series of eco adventures beginning with a trip to Hacienda Pozo Azul, a nice family owned eco-park property in the middle of a tropical rainforest. It features everything from adrenaline soaring adventure activities to undiluted fun promising recreational amenities. Culture aficionados can enjoy the ultimate cultural bonanza at the neighboring Los Bajos town, where among other things; they can to experience a local farm, a postcard perfect church, a regional dance presentation and a delicious snack feast comprising fresh tortillas, dough pies and a raw sugar beverage.

El Silencio Lodge’s in-house amenities include the classy Las Ventanas Restaurant (that creates a fine blend of fresh ingredients, regional flavors and internationally inspired twists) and a well-appointed Esencia Spa (that helps you unwind in a blissful eco luxury setting) that offers a patrons a range of relaxing treatments in the backdrop of gushing water, flickering candles and a soft flowing breeze. The spa also features an al fresco style Yoga Deck along with a Conical Room that is specially created to channelize the powerful energy of Costa Rica’s forests.


Accommodation at the El Silencio Lodge is available in the form of sixteen comfortable, stylish, and spacious cottage suites sprinkled across an aesthetically tiered layout. Every suite is raised above ground on pillars to keep up with the rainforest’s natural topography, while featuring a bamboo ceiling, energy effective lighting and a cozy gas fireplace. The detailing of these structures has often being described as “rustic zen”, with the suites reflecting the clean lines of the area’s quaint rural farmhouses.


El Silencio Lodge’s rates for single, double, triple and quadruple occupancy are $ 385 USD, $ 240 USD, $ 205 USD and $ 185 USD respectively. All rates include lodging in a Deluxe Suite, 3 daily a-la-carte meals per person and non-alcoholic beverages, a personal Eco-Concierge per group and daily wellness snacks.

Location: Bajos Del Toro
Price: $185-$385/night
Features: spa, pool, guided tours, river, waterfalls