Costa Rica Surfing Eco Lodges

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Due to the wide accessibility to water, Costa Rica is an ideal spot for surfing. As an incomparable surfing destination Costa Rica can claim water that is blissfully warm all year round and it is centrally located with access to two Oceans, the Atlantic and the Pacific as well as the Caribbean Sea. Costa Rica boasts over 730 miles or 1200 kilometers of coastline with water that is an absolutely blissful 80 degrees Fahrenheit or 26 degrees Celsius. There are some Eco Lodges that have the advantage of knowing the prime spots for surfing and have amenities appealing to those who want to enjoy a surf holiday. Some Eco lodges also have who can give directives about the rip currents and the various challenges that are likely to be encountered to keep the practitioners as safe as possible in unknown waters. There are some Eco lodges that combine surfing and yoga and also offer many other adventurous activities for those who are travelling with their friends and family members. Those Eco lodges also offers foods that are as local and seasonal as possible. Here are some of the great Costa Rica Eco lodges that offer excellent surfing sessions:

Anamaya Resort

playa-grande-surfing-safetyNestled among exotic rainforests, shimmering tropical beaches and thundering waterfalls, Anamaya Yoga Retreat is perched on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean in Montezuma.  The Sanskrit translation of Anamaya means “good health” and this is materialized through the effect of sun, sea, sand, nature, yoga and surfing. The guests here have their choice of delicious well prepared organic meals, yoga classes by some of the world’s most experienced yogis, entertainment such as fire dancing sessions and circus presentations as well as local excursions through the natural jungle. The more than adequate accommodations coupled with the warm, personable hospitality make this an ideal vacation for yoga and surfing lovers.


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Blue Jay Lodge Malpais

blue-jay-lodge-resortWith its charm embedded in the simplicity of its offerings, Blue Jay Lodge Malpais is a rustic resort located in the middle of the Costa Rican rainforest. It can be found no more than 200 meters away from some of the most breathtakingly beautiful beaches within Nicoya Peninsula that presents the most perfectly consistent surfing waters available. Fall asleep at nights to the soothing sounds of nature in the form of nocturnal creatures while enjoying the affordable luxury, tranquility and seclusion of Blue Jay Lodge Malpais. Then by day become enwrapped by the waves while partaking in the thrilling sport of surfing.

More info: Blue Jay Lodge Malpais

El Sabanero Eco Lodge

El-Sabanero-Eco-LodgeJust a few minutes’ drive from the well known and loved Tamarindo Beach can be found El Sabanero Eco Lodge. Perched daintily between the foreground of prime pristine beach fronts and with a backdrop of verdant tropical greenery El Sabanero has a lot to offer the discerning tourist. Skilled in the practice of environmental protection and sustainability, the property has been known to encourage and maintain such activities as energy conservation and recycling. There are activities there for everyone including surfers who will find this lodge to be a haven for surfing enthusiasts. The thrilling waters of Playa Grande and Tamarindo Beaches provide the adventure.

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El Remanso Lodge

El-Remanso-LodgeThis eco lodge is owned and operated by its owner and has been in operation since 1999. During this time it has attained and retained a reputation for sustainable ecological practices and participation in the replenishing of the forest. Nestled in the rainforest, this lodge makes no pretence of its claim as a rustic eco friendly location. In maintaining this ‘green’ feel, the lodge supplies its own electricity through a micro-hydro system. El Remanso overlooks the untamed Pacific Beach and offers a surfer’s paradise of enjoyment. Other attractions include a number of uninhabited waterfalls, beautifully inviting lagoon, small creeks and tide pools as well as a wide selection of naturally abundant flora and fauna.

More info: El Remanso Lodge

Finca Exotica

bambu-bungalow-natural-mateThis eco lodge offers an exotic combination of rustic sophistication with the principles of eco tourism. Here can be found the calming influences of yoga in the same place as the subdued energy of the ever active forest and Saimiri biological reserve and then the flexibility and interaction with nature involved in surfing on the secluded beaches. Finca Exotica is also self sufficient in utilizing in its restaurants the organically grown crops from its organic farm. Tourists can be occupied on their holiday in activities that are not just enjoyable, relaxing and adventurous but serve the larger purpose of being harmonious with nature. The accommodations are first class with unique craftsmanship of the natural materials found in the environment.

More info: Finca Exotica

Latitude 10

latitude-10Situated in Santa Teresa, Latitude 10 is an ideal bit of prime beach real estate that is juxtaposed between the lush rainforests and the untainted beaches of Costa Rica. The amenities can only be described as exclusive luxury which is coupled by the offerings of their wellness facilities. With an emphasis on sustainability of the natural resources and wildlife protection, Latitude 10 creates a classy up-scale ambience in a relaxed and personalized setting. The beaches in Santa Teresa offer some of the most enjoyable hours of surfing but they are also private and are able to accommodate guests who wish to just unwind with a good book or simply enjoy the majestic view.

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Tierra de los Milagos

Tierra-de-los-MilagrosA more ideal place for finding spiritual connection and near perfect waters cannot be found above that offered by the Tierra do los Milagros. That is one reason why this eco lodge is so popular as the yoga and surf retreat of choice. With its isolated feel in an area of lush tropical rainforests surrounded by the biodiversity of some of the rarest species of flora and fauna in the world, this area is truly like no other. With its thundering waterfalls, mysterious tide pools and untainted beaches, this little paradise hideaway is ingenious in its offerings of yoga, sea and surf. For the more adventurous there are other activities to entice such as waterfall rappelling, sea kayaking, canopy tree climbing, nature hikes and swimming with the dolphins.

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Whales and Dolphins Eco Lodge

Whales-and-dolphins-eco-lodThis marine park was created in 1989 with the aim of preserving the unique coastal marine habitats and saving the endangered species of marine life such as the hump back whale. As a marine park Whales and Dolphins Eco Lodge presents a breathtaking view of pristine beaches, cascading waterfalls, jungle lagoons and estuaries that are like no other. The accommodations are all on one building but each has a breathtaking dramatic view overlooking the edge of a ridge. Activities here include sports fishing, horseback riding through prime beach locations and sightseeing for marine wildlife among other things. These waters are also ideal for “catching that wave.”

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