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Surf camp can be defined simply as a camp for surfers but it doesn’t mean so simple. Surf Camp is one of the most fun and effective ways of spending a holiday when one can learn the techniques of surfing as well as a memorable vacation with closed one. Surf Camps also let the visitor to meet different people come from different places. For visiting a surf camp, one doesn’t need to know how to surf but need to know swim. Sur Camps offers learning programs adapt to each person’s level. Some surf camps offer transportation from the camp to the beach and some have other facilities like equipment rental, surf shop, accommodation, restaurant and other necessary facilities. With a lot of beaches, Costa Rica is a popular surfing destination. There are many beaches which are less crowded and has a lot of breaks, swells and surf shops. People who are interested in learning how to surf but don’t have any previous experience and also those who are already advanced in surfing and want to develop their skill, all will find several opportunities in Costa Rica. Here goes some of the surf camps to choose from and enjoy your journey in Costa Rica:

Rancho Delicioso Surf Camp, Permaculture, and Yoga:

Rancho Delicioso now offers a unique week-long “PSP” surf camp retreat in an eco village on the pacific side of Costa Rica. Located between the surf towns of Montezuma and Santa Teresa, participants will be taken to the best spot each day for the conditions and their skill level. When not surfing, guests of the program will take courses in Permaculture, learning about organic farming, sustainable building, animal husbandry, and many other related things, including classes in aerial silk, archery, raw chocolate making, and mroe. This unique program should definitely be checked out, and it’s also one of the least expensive surf camps in Costa Rica.

Call: (+506) 8844-4726


Anamaya’s  Soul Surfer Retreat is especially designed for those who want to learn how to surf or the first time and also for those who are already advanced in surfing and want to develop their skill to new heights. Its experienced instructors give individual attention and ensure the students can reach their goals. This retreat includes daily yoga classes, 5 surf lessons and board rents, beach bonfire excursion, waterfall hike, circus performance. Each day a van takes the guests to the best possible surf spots in the area, depends on the waves and tide condition and the dynamics of the group. Two favorite spots are Playa Grande in Montezum and Playa Hermos in Santa Teresa that you will visit.

Call: (+506) 2642-1289


Bluetrailz Surf Camp is situated in the surf town of Tamarindo. This hostel offers a small scale approach to their surf camp, with a personal touch. It offers surf packages for beginner and advanced surfers. It also offers packages that incorporate surfing with other activities such as yoga and mountain biking.

Call: +506 2653 1705

Corky Carroll’s surf camp:

At Corky Carroll’s Surf School does not focus on one way of teaching surfing ocean knowledge rather you will learn about how to use a variety of tools and methods. Surf school site is only a short distance from the beach and the 80 degree water. With the help of instructors, you can surf up to 3 times a day. Lesson begins with proper paddling techniques and surfboard management. Surf location is Nosara, which is a four minute walk to Playa Guiones, a 3.5 mile stretch of beautiful white sand.

Call: 714-969-3959

Costa Rica Surf Camp:

In all of Costa Rica, Costa Rica Surf Camp is the premiere surf camp and surf school. It is considered as one of the best surf camp in the southern pacific area of the country.According to the student’s skills and age, the surf camp arranges lesson and its destination. The team usually groups people depending on three categories-beginners, intermediate and advanced level surfers.

Costa Rica Surf Club:

Costa-Rica-Surf-ClubThe Costa Rica Surf Club is a ISA or International Surfing Association accredited surf school in Tamarindo. For its superb services, innovative surf classes and professionalism, this surf club is popular among locals and tourists. Its instructors are also ISA certified, with a minimum of four years surfing experience and at least 2 years of teaching surfing. It organizes surf classes in exceptional surf spots including places like Playa Tamarindo, Playa Negra, Ollie’s Point and Witch’s Rock. It ensures the surfers have complete safety and proper instruction.

Call: (506) 2653-0130

Costa Rica Surf Institute:

Costa Rica Surf Institute is located in Tamarindo. It offers a comprehensive clinical approach to teaching the sport. In this institute you will not only learn the skills to ride a wave but also the whole science of surfing itself.

Call: 1-844-331-6950

Del Mar Surf Camp:

del-mar-surf-campDel Mar Surf Camp was developed in 2001. It is a women-only surf camp providing fantastic facilities. It is owned by a female and native Costa Rican. It offers daily surf lessons, surf coaching, all-inclusive surf camps and many more.  All the lessons are directed by its instructors who are certified in CPR.

Green Iguana Surf Camp:

Located on the sparkling white sand beach of Playa Dominical, Green Iguana Surf Camp is well known in Costa Rica for its professional attitude, originality and individualized services. It offers surf packages including accommodations, daily surf instructions, round trip transportation, daily surf adventures to different breaks, surfboards and stand-up paddling gear and other necessary surf accessories and many more.

Call: 011-(506)-8825-1381

Hostel Crocodile Surf Camp:

Situated in Puerto Viejo, in the province of Limon, Hostel Crocodile Surf Camp is a budget oriented surf school and hostel. This hostel offers some surf expeditions to all the best surf breaks found in Puerto Viejo and nearby areas. It offers surf sessions for all the surfers including beginners, Intermediate or an advanced surfers. All the classes are directed by professional instructors.

Call: +506 2756 8016

La Escuela del Sol:

laescueladelsolSituated in the beach town of Montezuma on the Pacific Coast, La Escuela del Sol is La Escuela del Sol is one of the best surf camps in Costa Rica. Most of its classes are revolved around Montezuma’s Playa Grande but if the group improves enough, instructors will take them to some other breaks in the area.

Call: (011-506) 8884-8444

La Point Surf Camp:

This surf camp is world famous for providing great accommodation and amazing surf experience. It provides great surf adventures on the planet. You will enjoy surfing in unique, bucket-list locations around the world which are perfect for the surfers of all skill levels.

Call: +47 46 63 97 42

Ollie’s Point Surf Camp:

Ollie’s Point Surf Camp is situated close to the Ollie’s Point (a famous surf break with world class waves), in the Guanacaste province, Costa Rica. With its affordable services, comfortable accommodations, and satisfactory facilities, this surf camp is ideal for families, couples, groups of friends and backpackers of all ages and skills. It offers surf classes and trips to Ollie’s Point, Witch’s Rock and Tamarindo.

Call: 1-506-8702-8407

Playa Grande Surf Camp:

Playa-Grande-Surf-CampSituated in the northern Costa Rican province of Guanacaste, Playa Grande Surf Camp is in the heart of the nature Preserve-Parque Nacional Marino Las Baulas de Guanacaste. This camp is located less then 10 meters from the beach of Playa Grande. It offers surf classes for surfers of all levels and these classes are divided into three groups-beginners, intermediate and advanced depending upon the skills of the students.

Safari Surf school:

Safari Surf is more than a “surf school”, offering authentic surf vacations, surfing lessons, accommodations and local experiences in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. It is a family-owned surf school, a perfect place to immerse yourself in an authentic sustainable surf vacation experience.

Call: (011)506-2-682-0113

Shaka Surf Camp:

Situated in the heart of the Hermosa “surf zone”, Shaka Surf Camp designs its classes to your level of experience. Its experienced surf coaches helps its novice surfers to achieve their goal and help its advanced surfers to fine-tune their skills. You can choose the surf packages that will suit you best and let them know your level so that they can find the right conditions for you.

Call: (506) 2640-1118

Tamarindo Surf School:

tamarindoSituated directly on Tamarindo main beach, Tamarindo Surf School is the first of its kind founded in Costa Rica. For years it has been providing our clients with unforgettable memories of their first wave ever surfed. It teaching methos is based on experience and knowledge acquired over years of surfing. Its instructors are local who will not only guarantee you will stand up and ride your first waves in just one lesson but also introduce you with Costa Rican culture.

Call: 506-2653-0923

Tortuga Surf School & Camps:

Located in Jaco Beach Costa Rica, Tortuga Surf School & Camps, is the leading organization of authentic Costa Rican surfing experiences. It offers surfing lessons for beginners, kids and even older adults. Its English, Spanish and French speaking staff are ISA (international surfing association) & Lifeguard certified. They ensure everyone have an extremely safe experience.

Call: 011 (506) 2643-3348

Uvita 360 Surf Camp:

Situated in Uvita, in the Puntarenas Province of Costa Rica, Uvita 360 Surf Camp is a perfect place for surfers, stand up paddlers, and also kayakers. This camp offers amazing services to surfers of all levels. The camp offers daily half day surf sessions which are planned according to the students’ skills.

Call: (506) 8586-8745

Wave Hunters-the Las Olas Surf Camp:

Located on the beautiful beach of Playa Hermosa, on the Central Pacific coast, The Las Olas Surf Camp is is a luxury ocean front surf camp. Operated by a famous American surf tour company, Wave Hunters, the Las Olas Surf Camp offers elegant lodging options, a fancy beachfront restaurant, surf packages and many amenities to ensure you enjoy a comfortable, enjoyable and safe surf retreat.

Call: 760-494-7391 (7392)
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Witch’s Rock Surf Camp:

The-Las-Olas-Surf-CampThis surf camp is situated on Playa Tamarindo. This superb surfing community is family oriented and professional to the core. Witch’s Rock surf camp surf lessons and instructions will be given by a set of highly advanced surfers who are qualified to teach as well. This camp also arranges guided beginner’s surf trips to surf breaks right on Playa Tamarindo. It also offers surf sessions for the surfers of all ages.

Call: +506 2653 1238

Zopilote Surf Camp:

Located in Playa Hermosa de Cabano on the northern pacific coast of Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica, Zopilote Surf Camp is operated by a team of professional surf coaches. This camp also offers several best value packages featuring competitive prices, exclusive amenities and excellent surf lessons.

Call: +506 264 00541