Chachagua Rain Forest Lodge

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Chachagua hotel

Located on the foothills of the lush Tilaran Mountain in one of the most ecologically rich areas of Costa Rica-La Fortuna, the Chachagua Rain Forest Lodge is a perfectly manicured oasis that brings together vacation luxury, comfortable amenities, world-class service and inspiring natural surroundings. It is actually a working ranch, encircled by a biological station (which makes the total area of the property about 300 acres). This quaint, self-sufficient lodge sources most of its kitchen ingredients (eggs, milk, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, herbs and other produces) from the in-house farm. The Northern lowland where Chachagua is located directly leads to the famous Arenal Volcano, which makes this region highly popular with nature aficionados and eco-tourists. The captivating La Fortuna town, located at a few minutes from the lodge, is a tourist hub for its large selection of bars, restaurants, shops and other entertainment options. From enjoying a lazy read on a personal hammock to listening to nature buzzing around you in an unperturbed environment to relishing a home cooked meal of the fresh fish caught by you, Chachagua offers its guests several unadulterated natural experiences. In short, it’s a plush and pleasant retreat that is designed to replenish tired spirits and provide visitors a memorable experience in sustainable tourism.

Amenities and Activities

chachagua rain forest lodgeChachagua Rainforest Lodge is a brilliant starting point for a wide range of nature and adventure based activities, since it is strategically located in the hub of a rich bio-diverse region. Nature lovers can enjoy everything from bird watching within the verdant confines of the rainforest to horseback riding through the mountain range towards the volcano to exploratory trail hiking. Other popular visitor activities in the area include Guapote fishing, mountain biking, a tour of the region’s spectacular rivers and waterfalls, witnessing hot springs, travelling to La Fortuna on a horseback, a trip to the Arenal Volcano National Park and experiencing the Venado Caverns. Action-packed adventure sports hosted by Chachagua’s surroundings are whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, sports fishing (Arenal Lake) and ATV tours. Those with a lesser drive for adventure can enjoy river floating or simply relaxing in the backdrop of nature’s magnificence.
Chachagua’s in-house amenities include a bar, a pool, a game room (includes internet, direct TV and international calling facility), a meeting room (can accommodate up to 10 people) tranquil reading zones (with invigorating forest views), a souvenir shop and a local gourmet cuisine serving restaurant (with spectacular views of the riding area, where visitors can catch expert horsemen at work while enjoying their locally grown brew). Other natural facilities include walking trails, gardens, a butterfly farm, an orchid farm and a working farm.


Chachagua Rainforest Lodge provides sustainable lodging options to all its visitors along with free Wi-Fi and private baths (hot water) in all rooms. The eco-retreat has 9 Rainforest Rooms (with ac and satellite TV), 19 Rainforest Bungalows (featuring a private terrace, hammocks and rocking chairs) and a couple of Deluxe Bungalows (with a Jacuzzi, mini bar, satellite TV and private terrace featuring hammocks and rocking chairs) Each room is equipped with a ceiling fan and a porch (for sweeping views of the heady natural surroundings). Guests can spot a number of wildlife species such as white-faced monkeys, blue morphos and poison-dart frogs from their rooms. The rooms are spacious, airy and elegantly appointed, while still retaining their core nature lodge spirit.


The high season rates for Rain Forest Rooms, Rain Forest Bungalows and Rain Forest Deluxe Bungalows is $ 135 USD, $145 USD and $ 185 USD respectively.

Location: La Fortuna
Price: $135-$185/night
Features: river, waterfalls, nature reserve, volcano, vegetable gardens