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Eco Travel:

Ecomindtravel.com – ASpanish and English website for sustainable and ecological travel in Costa Rica.

Go Green Travel– The sustainable tourism movement is getting popular rapidly and includes multiple organizations around the globe. Go Green Travel Green serves as the top online resource for sustainable travel and fostering increased knowledge and understanding of sustainable tourism practices. Covering everything from sustainable-tourism and public transit to healthy organic foods, Go Green Travel Green has become a trusted online platform for low impact tourism, green tourism, sustainable tourism and bio-tourism.

Green Travel by the Guardian– If you are looking for a single online travel information platform where you might get information ranging from Mass Tourism to Panda conservation in China, Green Travel by the Guardian is second to none. You would find here a wide range Green travel information and tips on different subjects including Green travel places, accommodation tips, Ethical and green living and voluntourism.

Sustainable Tourism– Proponents of sustainable tourism are trying to make as low an impact on the environment as possible, respect local people and create awareness for the eco-living. Sustaining Tourism is one of the most prominent organizations which have experience in both practical and theoretical implications of ecotourism and responsible tourism, two of the most prominent types of sustainable tourism.

PuraVerde.com– Pura Verde, an online platform, is dedicated to assisting you make good choices by providing valuable information about the individuals and organizations working towards the goals of peace and sustainability. In order to protect and sustain Costa Rica’s natural and cultural resources, we are focusing on Eco-Travel, Eco-Tourism, Green Building and Sustainable Living. You will find all the necessary information about these subjects here in Pura Verde website.

Eco Lodges Worldwide:

Anamaya Resort– Anamaya, one of the best Yoga Teacher Training places in Costa Rica, offers 5-6 Yoga Teacher Training retreats per year. All the teachers at Anamaya are certified by Yoga Alliance. They have world class accommodation facilities, breathtaking Yoga deck view, organic food mostly produced in their own farm, different types of meal options including Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free. Anamaya is one of the very few Yoga retreats that offer a variety of daily activities, ranging from meditation and yoga to dance and scuba diving! Yoga Teacher Trainings offered by Anamaya are considered exclusive ones as the location is great, training is all inclusive and above all yoga is world class.

Eco Lodges of Australia– Australia, where ecologically sustainable development is placed high on the political agenda, is considered as an eco tourism playground. Eco Lodges of Australia offers ecotourism accommodation, tour and attraction operators, ethical and sustainable ECO experiences in Australia’s most beautiful natural locations. It offers all the necessary services for eco-travelers looking to enjoy beautiful landscapes in a sustainable way.

Costa Rica Travel:

Costaricajourneys.com– Costa Rica has built a reputation for their eco-tourism activities and become synonymous with all an unspoiled tropical paradise can be. Costa Rica Journeys is an excellent online platform where you would find travel tips and advice for Costa Rica with things to do, places to go, cost, weather, travel safety and security etc. Though well-established system of national parks and protected areas is considered Costa Rica’s main competitive advantage, there are only a few online places where you can see enough information about this system. Costa Rica Journeys is definitely one of them.

Costa Rica Scuba Diving– Scuba Diving, a popular underwater activity amongst holiday tourists and marine enthusiasts, is definitely a sport with a long list of benefits. Costa Rica Scuba creates the opportunity to discover the best scuba diving in Costa Rica. This is one of the most popular scuba diving websites in Costa Rica which provides a wide range of scuba diving information including best diving spots, accommodation, and cost.

EyeoftheBlackbird.com– Black Bird is one of the leading online platforms for inspiring Yoga Retreats, Health Retreats, Wellness and Spa hotels, and boutique hotels around the globe. Here you would find price information, Short descriptions, and Pictures of all budget yoga retreats worldwide. This user-friendly website will help you find yoga retreats or resorts that are perfect for you.

Malpaisbeach.com– The beaches in Malpais and Santa Teresa are wide and sandy. Perfect for surfing, scuba diving, combing and swimming. Mal Pais offers rocky coves, waterfalls, white sand beaches, rainforests, and above all some excellent yoga retreats. Malpais Beach is one of the best websites that provide all the travel information about this breathtaking place.

Montezumasurfing.com– Bursting with waterfalls, lush jungle, and best surfing waves, Montezuma has become a Surfing paradise not only for the expert surfers but also for the beginners. But the consistently large waves of that area can be so dangerous even for the expert surfers. So you need an online platform where you can find enough information about Montezuma. Montezuma Surfing can serve as the information platform for surfing in Montezuma.

Friends Sites:

ACAMCostaRica.com– There are literary hundreds of attributes including race, class, customs, identity and religion, that influenced the Culture of Costa Rica. On the other hand, the Arts of Costa Rica are also very diverse. Music is an integral part of Costa Rican Culture. If you are looking for website where you would find insightful information about Arts, Culture and Music of Costa Rica, ACAM Costa Rica is the best.

www.aguavista.com- Agua Vista offers four beautiful vacation rentals with other facilities in one extraordinary place. Whether you are a solo traveler or with a group, Agua Vista is perfect for you. There are three houses and a bungalow there. Agua Vista offers breathtaking ocean views and private access to the Montezuma River and its famous waterfalls.

Hotel Atrapasuenos– Surrounded by a beautiful, luscious tropical garden, Atrapasuenos attracts travelers from all over the world. It’s an Eco –friendly Boutique Hotel. The family atmosphere of Atrapasuenos is really relaxing and pleasant. There are six beautifully decorated private rooms. These air-conditioned rooms can be rented individually or all together.

BahiaRica.com– Bahia Rica offers a lot of water sports or activities including sport fishing inshore and off shore, Whale and Dolphin watching, Money watching, Snorkeling, Full day as well as half day sea kayaking, Overnight sea kayaking tour and many more. They offer comfortable accommodation facilities at an affordable rate.

montezumagardens.com– Though Montezuma Gardens is located outside the main city, but is worth the hike up to this beautiful true Costa Rican bed and breakfast. The rooms are spacious, clean and air conditioned. Perched up on a hill overlooking a butterfly garden and a canopy of trees with monkeys and birds, Montezuma Gardens is a piece of paradise located away from the hustle and bustle of the town.

Hotel Ranchos Itauna– Located on the beach between the best surf brakes of Santa Teresa, Ranchos Itauna offers breathtaking sunset, surfing, and great foods. Rooms are air-conditioned and comfortable with nice beds, hot water. Sandwiched between Malpais and Santa Teresa, Playa Carmen is a beautiful surfing beach. On the other hand, Santa Teresa is considered one of the best surfing beaches in Costa Rica. Ranchos Itauna offers surfing tours and camp there. It has a beach bar with restaurant.

Rancho Delicioso– Rancho Delicioso is literary an organic heaven. As an eco-friendly place, this 8 Hectare (20 acre) property is really second to none! The owner and staff are dedicated to create an organic community of eco-minded people. There is an organic farm and they produce the foods and fruits there. This eco-village has a permaculture volunteer center.

refugioromelia.com– Located in Montezuma on the Nicoya Peninsula, The Romelia RMVS was established with the vision of contributing to the conservation of the Tempisque Conservation Area. Romelia’s two-story house can easily accommodate 10 volunteers. The house has all the facilities and a kitchen, dining area, living room and a bedroom. Volunteers are required to participate in maintaining the house.

Shaka Surf Camp– Looking for a truly tropical escape? With great accommodation, surfing and yoga? A place to do some surfing and learn about life in Costa Rica? Shaka Beach Retreat, a fun-filled Costa Rica surf camp would be your next vacation destination. The vibe is relaxed, all the rooms are comfortable, and the food is fresh and delicious.

www.solalunayoga.com- Sol a Luna means Sun to Moon. Sun and Moon plays a great role in Yoga. They are the symbol of enlightenment, alignment and balance. Hatha Yoga is that of balancing the two complementary energies that affect all life on earth including human. Sol a Luna offers great Yoga. They help get proper mind-body-soul alignment.

zencostarica.com– Casa Zen Guest House & Yoga Center is a boutique hostel situated between the two main surf breaks of Playa Carmen and Santa Teresa. Located just 50 meters from famous Mal País and Santa Teresa, Casa Zen offers Yoga, Spa, Surfboard and bicycle rentals, and Wi-Fi. Guest house offers a variety of accommodation options for the guests.

About Costa Rica:

Being a democratic country, Costa Rica is regarded as among the most calm countries across the world. Costa Rica’s main dialect is Spanish, even while lots of its citizens are somewhat bilingual. The very final civil war occurred in year 1948, and after that, armed forces were removed and the nation was able to steer clear of such risks such as dictatorships, terrorist attack, revolts, and all sorts of political conflict. The country’s name generally indicates “rich coast” however Costa Rica is actually abundant more than its coastline. Costa Rica is full of mother nature, bio-diversity and natural resources.

If we focus within the northwest part of Costa Rica, known as Guanacaste, where largest percentage of the Costa Rica Caribbean tourists usually go to because of its wide selection of wonderful spots and adventures, you’re going to understand that your trip is indeed worthwhile. Yet another destination that Costa Rica showcases of is Southern Nicoya Peninsula, that shapes the biggest peninsula in the country. It is noted for its beachfronts and is a preferred tourist destination. The most notable element of the Peninsula de Nicoya are the beaches. Around the big vista of coastline are enormous breathtaking beaches with extraordinary coastal vista, and modest neighborhoods each featuring its very own exceptional style.

Accommodation in Costa Rica is hardly ever a problem if you’ll make early bookings. Costa Rica offer comfortable and affordable accommodation for all the modern tourist of any age. There are many hostels well located for experiencing natural riches of this colorful country. The finest luxury vacation rentals are usually well furnished for groups from 2 to 20 vacationers. Many residence facilities incorporate a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, outdoor cooking area, outdoor living region with lighting, everyday maid assistance, and assistant service providers.

There’s a range of pursuits to select coming from on your Costa Rica Caribbean getaway. The things to do will depend on your region in the country. In rainforests, you could go birds-sightseeing and you’ll be surprised watching them soar above in groups. There are English-speaking guides that can help and teach you in and around the forests. Costa Rica is habitat to more than 800 varieties of fish besides the great number of animals and birds. Fishermen will definitely have a wonderful time fishing in Costa Rica’s very clear, azure waters to hook any of the exotic fish.

There are actually two oceans from which to choose: the Pacific and the Caribbean, whose overflowing maritime life can be seen while snorkeling or diving. Not simply this, a Costa Rica Caribbean travel promises you a welcoming surroundings in any region of the country you decide to see!

Means of transportation in Costa Rica isn’t a problem at all. There are lots of options according to your needs. For 1-3 people, taxi is often a practical and practical way to travel. However, depending on the number of individuals, private transport provides a much better price for each person along with a more flexible agenda of departure. Generally, shuttle service transportation provides door-to-door services, picking visitors up from hotels and dropping them back at the hotels in the last destination. Of course, you will find individuals who wouldn’t like to hurry and adhere to the schedules of shuttle services or don’t want to share the vehicle with other individuals they do not know. In these cases, it can be preferable to just go to rent vehicles.

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