Southern Pacific Eco Lodges

Tamandua Biological Station

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Situated in La Bijagua, Drake Bay, in the Puntarenas Province of Costa Rica, Tamandua Biological Station is surrounded by verdurous greenery and bubbling streams. Located in La Bijagua, Drake Bay, Tamandua Biological Station has two great attractions: Corcovado National Park and Golfo Dulce Forestal Reserve. The Corcovado National Park, considered as the crown jewel of Costa Rica’s national park systemis located in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula. It is one of the most remote and extremely bio-diverse environmental reserves in Coast Rica. On the other hand, Golfo Dulce Forestal Reserve is made up of a tropical rain forest and protects all timber -wood species in the geographic zone that surrounds the Golfo Dulce in the southern zone of Costa Rica.

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Whales and Dolphins Eco Lodge

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Whales and dolphins eco lodge

Strategically located opposite the Parque Marino Ballena at Utiva de Osa, Puntarenas, Whales and dolphin combines natural elements and spectacular marine wildlife treasures with world class hospitality and top-notch amenities. The surrounding regions of this incredible marine park are home to secluded beaches, jungles, pristine waterfalls and rich reserves of marine ecology. The marine park was originally created in 1989 for preserving costal marine habitats of the area (including beaches, mangroves, estuaries, islands and coral reefs) and protecting endangered marine life such as the humpback blue whales. Offering the best costal view of the breathtaking Marine Whale National Park, this lodge is dedicated to upholding the principles of ecotourism, sustainability and conservation. Whales and Dolphins Eco lodge carries out several laudable sustainable initiatives such as energy conservation (in the form of air-dried laundry) and waste/toxicity reduction (in the form of a chlorine-free pool that is treated with salt). The blends the best of action-packed water adventure, marine wildlife viewing and thrilling rainforest exploratory activities. In a nutshell, the lodge captures the most striking natural details of Costa Rica to help its guests enjoy a truly enriching ecological experience.

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Saladero Lodge

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Location: Golfo Dulce
Price: $10-$135/night
Features: Ocean view, snorkeling, bird-watching, kayaking, guided nature trails


saladero lodge


Juxtaposed between the verdant Piedras Blancas National Park and the pristine Golfo Dulce waters, Saladero Lodge is a 480 acre accessible by boat only farm, which is touted to be one of the best rainforest specialty lodges in Costa Rica. Guests here can savor a wide range of incredible natural experiences from watching the crimson skies at sundown to hearing the background sounds of singing tree frogs. The less intrepid can enjoy Golfo Dulce Peninsula’s wildlife treasures from Saldero’s immaculately manicured gardens (housing edible plant varieties such as banana, papaya, pineapple, jackfruit, mango, jackfruit, citrus, avocado and more), while the more adventurous guests can venture into the adjoining national park on a self-guided trail. Saladero Lodge is a great fusion of comfortable, relaxed charm and luxury amidst wilderness. Sprinkle this combination with an environmentally responsible approach that does its best to support eco tourism and local sustainability initiatives and you’ve picked the perfect property for a ‘fun without weighing on the conscience’ vacation.

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Cascadas Farallas

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Location: Baru Rainforest
Price: $140-$485/night
Features: spa, yoga, organic food, waterfalls

.cascadas farallas


Cascadad Farallas is a chic, dreamy, expensive and exclusive boutique wellness resort, nestled among the lush natural landscape of Costa Rica’s tropical rainforests. The luxurious, eco-friendly property features a mesmerizing wilderness setting complete with gushing waterfalls, organic gourmet cuisine and a private wildlife reserve housed within a secluded exotic rainforest. Located only 2.5 miles from the Dominical Beach, Cascadas Farallas is a favorite for with honeymooners looking to fine dine in the backdrop of pristine waterfalls in a romantic tropical ambiance. The impeccably designed suites and villas are perfect for everything from an intimate family getaway to an action-packed adventure tour. Guests can enjoy everything from invigorating daily yoga sessions with experts to detox packages at the well-appointed spa. Often touted as the region’s best kept secret, the strategically hidden Cascadas Farallas offers lots of privacy and exclusivity, minus the chaos that marks the more touristy resorts. The hosts are committed to the cause of preserving the beauty of the Baru Rain forest and doing their bit for the environment and local community.

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Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge

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Location: Golfo Dulce
Price: $195-$400/night
Features: Ocean view, spa, yoga, organic food, river, waterfalls

.Playa Nicuesa rainforest lodge


Deftly embracing conversation practices and a communion with nature, the pristine Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge combines Golf Ducle’s famed oceanic beauty with the wilderness of a primary tropical rainforest. Everything from the lodge’s structure (constructed from naturally fallen trees) to the solar energy harnessed electricity is aimed at promoting sustainable tourism and protecting the environment, while still offering comfortable facilities and world-class hospitality. Playa Nicuesa can only be accessed by a boat, thus lending it an exotic and adventurous cast-away feel amidst dramatic mountain vistas and the striking Pacific Coast. From savoring the relaxed charm of the surrounding rainforests on a hammock to enriching their spirit with a bracing yoga session, guests have plenty to do at this back-to-nature luxury offering retreat.

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Casa Corcovado

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Location: Drake Bay
Price: $1210-$1720/packages
Features: river, waterfalls, beach, guided walks, forest


Casa corcovado


The striking 170-acre private hilltop reserve has everything going for it from a seductive natural location on the border of the famous Corcovado National Park to world-class accommodation options and top-notch service. Casa Corcovado’s accommodations are constructed in the form of Spanish-colonial type structures, by incorporating elements of conservation, which are completely in sync with its natural surroundings. Couple that with an in-depth rainforest adventure, a multitude of nature-based activities and family-friendly in-house guest amenities and you’ve got the recipe for a perfect eco-getaway. The lodge’s ‘hop skip and jump’ proximity to Corcovado National Park (the last existing Pacific lowland rainforest in terms of sustainable size in Central America) and its relaxed aura have made it a popular choice for tourists looking to explore the charm of the Southern Pacific.

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