Rancho Delicioso Permaculture and Yoga Retreat Center

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For the sake of civilization, with industrialization and development in this era of consumerism, we are making a lot of changes and alteration in our surrounding nature. As a result we have to experience many types of unprecedented problems and challenges such as climate change, loss of habitat, social disconnection, environmental degradation, lack of food sovereignty and many more. These challenges are happened due to the unsustainable use of finite resources and the western way of living along with the unsustainable farming practices. To overcome these problems we need to make some positive changes. ‘Permaculture’ is a great way to start the positive changes and protect our nature from any kind of danger. Derived from ‘Permanent’ and ‘Culture’, Permaculture is a a philosophy & an approach to land and Yoga is a philosophy of life and an approach to our physical and psychological health. It is based on mimicking efficient patterns and relationships found in nature.

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