Costa Rica Surfing Eco Lodges

Costa Rica Surfing Eco Lodges

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Due to the wide accessibility to water, Costa Rica is an ideal spot for surfing. As an incomparable surfing destination Costa Rica can claim water that is blissfully warm all year round and it is centrally located with access to two Oceans, the Atlantic and the Pacific as well as the Caribbean Sea. Costa Rica boasts over 730 miles or 1200 kilometers of coastline with water that is an absolutely blissful 80 degrees Fahrenheit or 26 degrees Celsius. There are some Eco Lodges that have the advantage of knowing the prime spots for surfing and have amenities appealing to those who want to enjoy a surf holiday. Some Eco lodges also have who can give directives about the rip currents and the various challenges that are likely to be encountered to keep the practitioners as safe as possible in unknown waters. There are some Eco lodges that combine surfing and yoga and also offer many other adventurous activities for those who are travelling with their friends and family members. Those Eco lodges also offers foods that are as local and seasonal as possible. Here are some of the great Costa Rica Eco lodges that offer excellent surfing sessions:

Anamaya Resort

playa-grande-surfing-safetyNestled among exotic rainforests, shimmering tropical beaches and thundering waterfalls, Anamaya Yoga Retreat is perched on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean in Montezuma.  The Sanskrit translation of Anamaya means “good health” and this is materialized through the effect of sun, sea, sand, nature, yoga and surfing. The guests here have their choice of delicious well prepared organic meals, yoga classes by some of the world’s most experienced yogis, entertainment such as fire dancing sessions and circus presentations as well as local excursions through the natural jungle. The more than adequate accommodations coupled with the warm, personable hospitality make this an ideal vacation for yoga and surfing lovers.


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