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Nitrox Diving in Cocos Island

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Nitrox Diving Costa RicaThe ultimate eco lodge in Costa Rica isn’t even on land, but a liveaboard boat that visits Costa Rica’s best scuba diving spot, the famous Cocos Island.

It seems that your allowed underwater time in every single dive is not enough to fully enjoy the amazing dive sites of Cocos island. This is due to the fact that we are preventing the build-up of nitrogen in our body system. Comprising 78% of the compressed air that we breath from our scuba tanks, nitrogen is not really used up in our body, and if accumulated, can lead to nitrogen narcosis. But what if there is a method to safely extend your underwater journey in Cocos island, will you grab this opportunity?

What is Nitrogen Narcosis?

Unlike oxygen which is considered the primary gas in supporting human life, nitrogen gas on the other hand, has almost no use in our body. But we cannot get rid of nitrogen as it goes together with oxygen in comprising the air that we breath.
During your first dive, your nitrogen level will increase and this may shoot up to its maximum level if you go deeper. This is the reason why you should make a surface interval before making your second dive allowing your nitrogen level to decrease, if not, go back to its normal level.

Just incase you violated this standard rule, nitrogen narcosis will immediately set in where signs and symptoms include light-headedness, inattentiveness, difficulty concentrating, poor judgment, anxiety and decreased coordination. Some have said that the effects of nitrogen narcosis is comparable to the effects of drinking a bottle of tequila. Although the effects of nitrogen narcosis can be considered minor, but if not properly managed, can lead to fatal consequences.

How does Nitrox safely extend your Bottom Time?

Dive professionals has come up with a simple and clever way to prevent the onset of nitrogen narcosis: decrease the nitrogen content in the compressed air by increasing oxygen content. Then, low and behold, nitrox is born.

The typical nitrox formula being use in dive shops today is nitrox 32. This means that nitrogen is decreased by increasing the oxygen content to 32% from your typical 20%. If this is the case, then you may ask this question: Why not use pure oxygen like the ones you see and use in a hospital. There are 2 things that you should remember. First of all, pure oxygen becomes toxic after you reach a certain depth. This is also the reason why Nitrox has its depth limitation. While you are given an extended bottom time, Nitrox 32 is only safe to use up to a depth of 34 metres (112 ft). And secondly, nobody wants to go to a medical facility like a hospital.

Nitrox Diving as a Specialty Certification Course

After reading the above premise and now excited to go diving knowing that you have the option to extend your underwater botom time, we would like to clarify that not all certified divers can use it. Nitrox diving requires training and certification.

Offered as a specialty course, certified open water divers and advanced open water divers can have the option to enrol for the Nitrox Specialty Diving Course. Signing-up with this course allows you to gain knowledge on the science behind diving gas composition and blending for a specific depth.

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Pranamar Villas and Yoga Retreat

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Situated along the shores of the Nicoya Peninsula’s spectacular Santa Teresa beach, Pranamar Villas and Yoga Retreat is an intimate consciously designed eco-lodge. If you are looking for a place to enjoy a relaxed vacation close to the nature and maintain your Yoga workouts, you will find this lodge perfect. This lodge is nestled very close to Playa Santa Teresa (one of the country’s finest and most consistent surf spots) that makes it heavenly for the surf lovers.

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Laguna Lodge

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Laguna Lodge is situated in Tortuguero, along Costa Rica’s northern Caribbean Zone. Sits on  fifteen acres of land full of trees and exotic plants and an open butterfly garden, this is an eco-touristic lodge. This eco-lodge is constructed on  a narrow strip of land, 650 feet wide between  Tortuguero´s main lagoon and the Caribbean Sea. This surrounding area is rich in its bio diversity and there are some wonderful lakes, rivers and wetlands with a lush jungle of primary forests and exotic plants. If you want to watch beautiful green sea turtles, you will find this region as the most important nesting site in the entire Western half of the Caribbean. Since 1990 this lodge is working hard to increase the awareness of sustainable living and has been growing to become the leading hotel in the area. Beach-goers and the people who love to enjoy beach activities, they will find this lodge perfect as it has direct access to the beach. 

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Hotel Playa Cielo

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Hotel Playa Cielo is a ecological beachfront hotel, set along the shores of the Nicoya Peninsula’s Playa Santa Teresa on the Pacific Ocean. This hotel is nestled close to some renowned beaches and some of the best surf spots of the country that will allow the surf lovers and beach-goers enjoy a heavenly retreat. From the lodge within walking distance you will find a variety of restaurants, supermarkets and shops of Santa Teresa.

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Hotel Playa Bejuco

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Hotel Playa Bejuco is situated on the Central Pacific Coastline between the popular beach destinations of Jaco and Manuel Antonio. Opened in early 2007, its primary mission was to  provide a eco friendly environment for family getaway. Nestled on the beach of Playa Bejuco in the province of Puntarenas, this lodge is just 90 minutes from the capital. This place is renowned for its natural beauty and perfect for those who are seeking uncrowded beaches to spend relaxing holiday. Adventure lovers will also get a lot of options to enjoy in the surrounding area of the lodge. This lodge was constructed with eco-friendly products and built in  such a way that it doesn’t alter anything of the nature. This lodge sets solar panels on the roof and this is the source of electrical energy. This lodge property combines hosted services, rest and food, offering quality and comfort with excellent value for money.

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Luz en el Cielo

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Luz en el Cielo is an eco-friendly lodge that is situated in the bohemian beach town of Montezuma. Nestled on the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica, this lodge is perfect for the people who want to spend a vacation in a crowd free natural surrounding and to escape away from the daily busy life. Set in tropical foliage, this lodge offers amazing ocean view and has a cozy vibe to. It is also close to a never ending white sand beaches where the guests can enjoy tranquil time, a variety of beach activities and stunning sunsets. The surrounding area also offers a plenty of options to enjoy and get a life time experience.

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