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Maquenque Eco Lodge

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maquenque eco lodge

Located to the north of Boca Tapanda in San Carlos, Maquenque Eco Lodge is a lush 60 hectare nature reserve that offers easy access to the recently created Maquenque National Wildlife Refuge. The lodge has been created with the purpose of maintaining/conserving the region’s natural habitat, while offering tourists world class service and comfortable accommodation options. Maqueneuq’s unusual framework promises a memorable rainforest experience in a naturally privileged region. The low-key yet relaxing and comfort-inducing setting allows guests to commune with nature and enjoy its pristine beauty at their own pace through a bunch of organized tours and self-guided trails. Surrounded by abundant tropical ecological resources and the splendid San Carlos River, Masquenque Eco lodge is excellent for wildlife observation, birding and adrenaline soaring adventure activities. The eco lodge is also responsible for initiating several sustainable tourism policies for the protection of its bio-diverse surroundings.

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Rancho Margot

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Rancho Margot at La Fortuna Costa Rica

Owned by the local Sotheim family, Rancho Margot is a sparkling example of sustainable tourism and self-sufficient development in the region. The Sotheims have tirelessly strived to go beyond standard sustainable practices and spearheaded several conservation projects in the area along with an arrangement with Monteverde Conservation League for creating the Rancho Margot Ranger Station within the Children’s Eternal Forest. Seductively located on the shores of Lake Arenal and the Cano Negro River Valley, and encircled by a lush rainforest, this thoroughbred eco-lodge is also hailed for its wide assortment of education, wellness and adventure activities. The owners are constantly doing their bit for sharing their vast knowledge on sustainability and eco-conservation with visitors through countless creative and educational environmental programs. Apart from being a working ranch, this quaint countryside charm sporting property also features a full working dairy farm, a tiny pig farm, an organic vegetable/fruit garden, a medicinal plant area and a chicken farm. Rancho Margot is also involved in Animal rescue and reintegration with an on-site center dedicated to the cause. This unassuming holiday retreat with a heart trims the more extravagant frills offered by other eco-resorts, while concentrating on offering its guests an intimate, family style environment and an unadulterated natural experience.

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Chachagua Rain Forest Lodge

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Chachagua hotel

Located on the foothills of the lush Tilaran Mountain in one of the most ecologically rich areas of Costa Rica-La Fortuna, the Chachagua Rain Forest Lodge is a perfectly manicured oasis that brings together vacation luxury, comfortable amenities, world-class service and inspiring natural surroundings. It is actually a working ranch, encircled by a biological station (which makes the total area of the property about 300 acres). This quaint, self-sufficient lodge sources most of its kitchen ingredients (eggs, milk, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, herbs and other produces) from the in-house farm. The Northern lowland where Chachagua is located directly leads to the famous Arenal Volcano, which makes this region highly popular with nature aficionados and eco-tourists. The captivating La Fortuna town, located at a few minutes from the lodge, is a tourist hub for its large selection of bars, restaurants, shops and other entertainment options. From enjoying a lazy read on a personal hammock to listening to nature buzzing around you in an unperturbed environment to relishing a home cooked meal of the fresh fish caught by you, Chachagua offers its guests several unadulterated natural experiences. In short, it’s a plush and pleasant retreat that is designed to replenish tired spirits and provide visitors a memorable experience in sustainable tourism.

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Savegre Mountain Hotel

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Located in San Gerardo de Dota (a tiny community nestled within the Talamanca Mounatins) amidst a thriving ecosystem, Saverge Mountain Hotel offers one of the most superlative bird watching experiences in Costa Rica with its naturally heady surroundings, comprising verdant cloud forests, pristine mountain air and incredible fruit orchards. Packed with comfortable amenities and memorable nature/adventure based activities, the lodge is an invigorating mix of untouched natural charm and man-made luxury. The eco hotel features perfectly landscaped gardens along with a seeming endless network of walking trails on a private reserve. Owned by the locally renowned Chacon family, the hotel succeeds in offering top-notch service and impressive facilities, while still maintaining the equilibrium of its precious natural surroundings. Sustainable initiatives carried out by the Savegre include recycling programs, energy conservation channels and waste/toxic reduction projects. The hotel is ideal for visitors looking to enjoy the region’s signature hospitality without damaging its invaluable ecological assets.

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Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Hotel and Spa

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villa blanca cloud forest hotel and spa

A 75-acre boutique hotel surrounded by the striking Los Angeles Private Biological Reserve, Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Hotel and Spa was for originally owned by Costa Rica’s erstwhile President Rodrigo Carazo Odio. The sustainable green property was created with a vision of capturing the unpretentious charm of the San Ramon area and the local population’s deep devotion for it natural resources. Located at an hour’s drive from the San Jose International Airport, the hotel is encircled by picturesque cloud forest settings and lush confines of the biological reserve. The property believes is combining comfort with conservation and offers world class sustainable hospitality with well-appointed accommodation options and personalized service. Villa Blanca’s notable green initiatives include recycling and organic gardening, among several others. The San Ramon town is a short distance from the hotel and features a number of restaurants, bars, entertainment options and museums. In 2007, this top notch eco-hotel bagged the prestigious Five Green Leaves by The Certificate of Sustainable Tourism (Costa Rica’s highest honor for sustainable tourism operations).

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Arenal Observatory Lodge

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Location: La Fortuna
Price: $67-$452/night
Features: river, waterfalls, guided trails, volcano, lake


arenal observatory lodge

Dramatically perched on a ridge of just 1.7 miles from the Arena Volcano in a private nature reserve, Arenal Observatory Lodge was originally built in 1987 as a Smithsonian Institute scientific research station. The La Fortuna located lodge was continuously upgraded over the next few years to provide comfortable accommodation options, a plethora of leisurely nature-based activities and top-class service. Arenal Lodge is strikingly surrounded by lush trails to adjoining lava flows, waterfalls, glistening lakes, crystalline rivers and impressive vistas of the Arenal Volcano. It is the only La fortuna accommodation to be situated inside the Arenal National Park premises. Immaculately landscaped gardens, carefully chosen natural flowering plants, colorful butterflies, howler monkey wake-up calls and mesmerizing humming birds accentuate Arenal Observatory’s lush tropical setting. The lodge is a heady mix of a commanding untouched natural retreat and luxurious eco-resort.

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