Cacao Monkeys

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Situated in the heart of Puerto Jimenez on the Osa Peninsula, Cacao Monkeys is a sustainable and environmentally friendly hotel. With its 3.5ha of an intense secondary forest and cocoa plantations with over 25 years of planting, the hotel property and its surrounding area is rich in its biodiversity. This area is home to a variety of different species of wild animals including insects, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and many colorful birds. People who are seeking a eco friendly place for enjoying a memorable vacation close to nature as well as want to enjoy a variety of beach activities, they can choose this lodge. The owner and staff of the hotel trying hard to improve the sustainable awareness among all the guests and the people living close to the lodge. They are also working for the development of the local community without making any change in the nature. 



3-bungalow-morpho-afueraCacao Monkeys provides 5 bungalows in three styles. Sitting next to the Quebrda Ignacia and nestled in the middle of the secondary forest, these bungalows are designed ideally for the people who want to stay here for a family getaway, or with a group of friends and also suitable for the couples. Each of those bungalows are named with the four species of monkeys in the country and the most familiar butterfly in the area.

Congo Bungalow and Cariblanco Bungalow:

If you want to stay at this eco-lodge with your family, you can stay at this bungalow. In this bungalow you will get double bed and two single beds.

Titi Bungalow and Araña Bungalow:

If you are planning for enjoying a memorable vacation with your friends or with your partners, you can stay at this lodge and here you will get four single beds.

Morfo Bungalow:

People who will visit this place to enjoy a romantic vacation in a natural setting, they will find this bungalow perfect. In this lodge this is the only bungalow that include a fully stocked cooking area. In this bungalow you will get 2 double beds and a small living room.

This eco-lodge provides accommodation facility including breakfast and hot drink at sunset. Guests will also enjoy easy access to the hotel’s trails and ‘The Caiman Deck’ that is located at the edge of the creek.


While staying at Cacao Monkeys eco-lodge, you will get opportunity to enjoy a variety of adventure and fun activities such as horseback riding and hiking through the forest. This activities will allow you to explore the beauty of the surrounding area as well as watch different species of wild animals of the area. You can also go for Kayaking through the mangroves or for a bike tour. Nature lovers can visit the Osa Peninsula’s Corcovado National Park, Pristine ocean, Matapalo Waterfall or a botanical garden. People who love to enjoy beach activities, they can go for snorkeling on coral reefs and also can enjoy fishing. You can also go for Cacao Tour or the Gold-digging Tour.


Cacao Monkeys
Península de Osa, Costa Rica
Tel: 2735-5248