Bosque de Paz

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Bosque de Paz is a small, family owned and run forest lodge that specializes in catering to their guests while protecting the ecological integrity of their surroundings. Situated at about an hour  and a half in travelling distance from the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose, Bosque de Paz is a gem right in the middle of the infamous rain forests. An eco-friendly atmosphere has been created and preserved in such a way as to be officially recognized by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute. 

The owners live and work by the following goals:

“To create a large Biological Corridor for future generations to enjoy and admire; and to create a consciousness about the importance of conservation through ecological tourism and education.”

Maxilaria-Angustisegmenta-aThe surroundings of the lodge are incomparable in beauty. It fosters the scenic array of the lush tropical jungle, the magnificent splendor of the cloud and rain forests and the breath taking view of the mountain ranges. 

The lodge comes with the benefit of being in the Bosque de Paz Biological Reserve where can be found some of the most diverse species of birds and many kinds of mammals found in the tropics. In this unparalleled paradise, the visitor can experience the cleansing feeling of breathing in pure, clean, unpolluted air.

The lodge has a maximum of twelve spacious rooms which have been exclusively designed to feature and highlight the handicraft of Costa Rica. Each room comes with a double bed and a private bathroom. The rooms open up into balconies from which the natural sights and sounds of the surrounding jungle and mountainous ranges can be absorbed and enjoyed. Also available to guests is a small library of natural history books where the literature can be poured over in a comfortable and quiet living room.

To ensure the comfortable and cozy atmosphere the owners have developed a tradition of only accepting small groups who have made prior reservations. That way they are assured of the personalized attention that will be given to them by the Gonzalez family who own and run the place. This policy serves a two-fold purpose as they can then have more control over the human intrusion into this habitat of bio-diverse flora and fauna and still maintain the privacy of the hosts.

Guests can bask in the wonders of nature from morning until bedtime. They are afforded the unique experience of awakening to the natural sounds of birds singing and howler monkeys. There are a number of natural trails where they can take in the wonders of the hundred year old trees that now serve as homes for flowers such as orchids, bromeliads and ferns. This is all showcased with a backdrop of cascading waterfalls, imposing mountains and flowing rivers. A day of peace, serenity and reconnection with nature can then be concluded with a delicious home cooked meal prepared with ingredients grown on site. Finally, each guest is given an opportunity to leave their own imprint on the environment by planting a tree. A certificate is given to each guest for this gesture.


Bosque de Paz
Telephone: (506) 2234-6676, Fax: (506) 2225-0203 – O. Box: 473-2050, San Pedro, Costa Rica