7 Best Horseback Riding Tours in Costa Rica

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Horses are trained and used in competitive sports including dressage, eventing, endurance riding, reining, tent pegging, show jumping, vaulting, horse racing, polo, driving, and rodeo. In 1900 different horseback riding events were first included in the modern Olympic Games. But like all other sports horsebacking riding is not equally popular in all countries. Costa Rica is among the countries where Horseback Riding is considered not only as a competitive sport but also as a source of pure entertainment. There are a lot of companies offering horseback riding tours in Costa Rica. We have tried our best to find the best ones for you!

Centaura Farm

Centaura horseback ridingCentaura is a very modern facility offering warmth and comfort. Near Arenal volcano is the home of Centaura. Centaura offers rides across private farms and plantations, away from mainstream tourism places. Riders can enjoy the true Costa Rican picturesque natural beauty, wildlife and birds. To ensure that you have the best horse ride you have experienced in your life, they provide their horses with  top-notch care from what they eat to how they are trained. No matter whether you are a novice rider or an expert one, they can provide you with various types of horses to suit your height, need and expertise in equestrian.

Website: Centaura Farm

Discovery Horseback Tours

Discovery-Horse-RidingDiscovery not only offers riding, but also they care care about the horses you ride. They usually rescues horses and then train these horses to offer you a safe and ethical riding experience. Discovery has been established in 1500 acres private area surrounded by abundant nature. There are various wildlife including monkeys, coatis, deer, toucans and macaws which makes you share the trails with no one but the wildlife! If you are looking for a  non touristy and not over commercialized opportunity to see the real Costa Rica, Discovery Horseback Tours might be perfect for you.

Website: Discovery Horseback Tours


El Pinto Expeditions

el-pintoEl Pinto Expeditions is considered one of the best Horseback Riding Tours available in entire Costa Rica. Not only that you would find hundreds of reasons why they have almost 100% positive reviews and why do they are ranked  #1 out of 8 attractions in the Montezuma area in TripAdvisor. Marvin, a professional guide who is very experienced with horses, is the owner of El Pinto. Marvin have enough knowledge about Costa Rican nature.  He knows how to match people with the right horse based on their previous experience and body size. He has enough knowledge to give instructions for the comfort and safety not only for the rider but also for the horse.

Website: El Pinto Expeditions

Good Costa Rica

good-costa-ricaThey offer various types of tours. But the most interesting one is Arenal Paraiso which that will take you through 4 water streams. They have few more packages. You can try which one best fits your expectation and expertise level. Good Costa Rica create an excellent opportunity to enjoy the magnificent view of Pino Blanco waterfall. Their tours are designed such a way that you will have enough opportunity to meet the local people, know their culture and see their lifestyle. Another popular package offered by Good Costa Rica is Paradise Riding which takes you to Junquillo beach, Guanacaste and Santa Cruz.

Website: Good Costa Rica


Horse Trek Monteverde

Horse-Trek-MonteverdeIf you are looking for a premier horsebacking riding tour, you can definitely try Horse Trek Monteverde. They offer wide variety of tours ranging from 2.5 hours all the way up to 8 days. Located in the beautiful area of the Monteverde Cloud Forests, Horse Trek offers different types of tours. Some tours are short. For example, 2.5 hours Mountain & Farm View Ride; 4 hours in the Clouds Ride; Some others are long enough such as  All Day Cowboy Ride and Multi-Day, 2-8 day Horseback Riding Holidays etc. Guides are very friendly and well trained. The owner is very knowledgeable about horses as well as the local animals, birds and fauna.

Website: Horse Trek Monteverde

Leaves and Lizards

Leaves and LizardsLeaves and Lizards offers various types of tours including Leaves and Lizards Horseback riding and Eponaquest Equine Assisted Learning.  If you have ever felt nervous around horses this experience might fix that forever. There are several trails on the property, providing beautiful vistas, wildlife and wide variety of tropical plants. Leaves and Lizards is a fantastic place for family, couples and older people. You get amazing views right from your front porch. Leaves and Lizards offer multi day workshops, riding treks and one day mini-workshops.

Website: Leaves and Lizards


Sabine’s smiling Horses

Horse-Back-Riding-at-SabineA horseback riding vacation with Sabine’s smiling Horses can be a trip of a lifetime. The horses perform extremely well, taking riders over fascinating ever beautiful Costa Rican trails. They offer very scenic ride. Guides are really friendly, funny and experienced. Most of the visitors recommend staying there and horseback riding as the place and the services are simply wonderful. The view you will get at this site is simply breathtaking. You also get the chance to view the Pacific Ocean and the Monteverde cloud forest. The horses are wonderful, easy to ride and well-behaved.

Website: Sabine’s smiling Horses 

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