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Eco lodges, Green Travel, and Sustainable Tourism in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Eco Lodges – Introduction

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The eco resort term has slowly become a rage among environmentally responsible tourists who seek to explore the beauty of a destination without damaging its natural resources. Often used ubiquitously and inserted more as misnomer for plain nature resorts, the term eco lodge in Costa Rica is at times misused and wrongly assigned. The lush tropical nature retreat boasting of a rich topography comprising thriving rainforests, pristine beaches, serene rivers, gushing waterfalls and adventure packed mountainous valleys features abundant authentic eco lodges. These resorts dexterously combine the best of Costa Rica’s blessed natural landscape and its sustainable practices. Since their inception, most genuine eco resorts in the country have been frontrunners for responsible sustainable practices such as local reforestation programs, recycling programs, energy conservation, water conservation, land conservation, toxic reduction and local community development efforts. Some of the more popular and well known resorts have also had the distinction of winning several green awards and certificates by the country’s tourism departments.

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Anamaya Yoga Retreat

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new yoga deck 550px Anamaya Yoga Retreat

Location: Montezuma
Price: $800-$2000/week for retreats
Features: Ocean view, spa, yoga, organic food, surfing, infinity pool


casita2 Anamaya Yoga RetreatDramatically located on a cliff edge against a spectacular ocean backdrop in Montezuma, Anamaya Yoga Retreat is a heady natural hide-out surrounded by pristine waterfalls, lush virgin rainforests and sultry tropical beaches. The term “anamaya” literally means good health in Sanskrit, and yoga retreat deftly epitomizes this virtue. It offers guests a complete eco-retreat experience right down to organic meals, yoga classes, local nature excursions and grand spa services. Top this with special fire dancing sessions, circus entertainment, comfortable accommodation options and personalized hospitality; and you have an intoxicating eco-vacation concoction that can seldom go wrong.

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La Palapa Eco Lodge Resort

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Lapalapa resort La Palapa Eco Lodge Resort

Surrounded by tropical gardens, La Palapa EcoLodge Resort is located in a virgin Tropical Rainforest with 149 Acres of of land. Situated in the Central Pacific Coast of Portalon in Costa Rica, this ecolodge offers an incredible wildlife variety of fauna and flora. If you are planning for visiting Costa Rica for the first time or it is a return holiday and you are seeking a place totally eco friendly in the rainforest then La Palapa Ecolodge Resort is perfect for you. The property are between the  Manuel Antonio National Park and the Playa Dominical surfing beach offers complete peace and tranquility. The surrounding area is home to hundreds of tropical birds so for the bird watchers it is just a paradise. Not only the birds, there you will also find numerous butterflies and an endless variety of flora and fauna, enjoy the fragrance of different flowers from the garden rooms or the pool bungalows. If you want to enjoy the beach activities, you can easily visit the nearby beaches.  The grounds of the resort are simply breathtaking.

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Sueno Celeste Bed and Breakfast

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Sueno Celeste Bed and Break Sueno Celeste Bed and Breakfast

Located in Bijagua de Upala, a pretty town in Alajuela Province of Costa Rica, Sueno Celeste Bed and Breakfast is an ideal for the people who want to spend their vacation in a place that sprinkled with tranquility and panoramic beauty nestled close to the nature. By a Belgian couple, Daniel and Dominique, on 20th January 2008O, on 3 acres of partially reforested property, the small eco lodge was founded. About 490 species of birds found in this area so bird watchers will find this area as a paradise. The entire property is surrounded by forested trails, verdant greenery and while staying here you will find a variety of wild creatures visiting the lodge. 

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Hotel Punta Islita

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borrancho pool Hotel Punta Islita

A part of Grupo Islita, Hotel Punta Islita is perfect place for the people who want to spend their vacation close to the nature as well as to enjoy all the comfort. 300 acre property of Punta Islita allow the guest to live in the midst of one of the planet’s most thriving ecosystems. The incredible natural setting also offers complete luxury and featured with the comforts of a beach home. Adventure lover will enjoy staying here as there are a side range of opportunities to enjoy different types of adventure activities either on-site or within a short driving distance of the hotel. The community members including hotel staff, local artists, local Costa Rican experts will help the guests to learn about the local culture and will love to share their talent in enjoyable, engaging and interactive sessions.

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Finca Verde Lodge

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Finca Verde Lodge 1 Finca Verde Lodge

Located in the northern rainforest of Costa Rica, set on an organic farm, Finca Verde Lodge is a family operated Eco-tourism project. Nestled in a small town of Northern town called Bijagua de Upala, this lodge will allow you to experience the tranquility and wilderness of rainforest, explore the rural part of Costa Rica and also enjoy sustainable living. Jimenez Salazar, the owner and manager of the organic farm, has been running the farm for more than a decade. It is working hard for creating a sustainable and viable approach to organic farming. It is maintaining a diverse and productive biological system and created a heaven of birds and animals. In this lodge, there is a butterfly garden and laboratory were they reproduce rare butterflies and frogs and release them back into their natural habitats. It promotes nature in its natural and most healthy form. In the farm you will find sloths, lizards, hummingbirds, toucans, different types of snakes, mammals, insects, butterflies and also include different kinds of tropical plants, fruits and herbs. Nestled into the valley of two volcanoes in the rainforest, Finca Verde Lodge is a tropical farm and nature resort. If you want to lose yourself in the Eco-paradise then this lodge is the perfect place for you.

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Danta Corcovado Lodge

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Danta Danta Corcovado Lodge

Danta Corcovado Lodge is a port of entry to Corcovado National Park and this lodge is owned by a very enterprising Costa Rican family. For its construction, this resort is concern for the sustainability and used local materials, with original wood carvings and beautifully maintained wooden floors in all the cabins as well as the main lodge and dining area. Though Danta Corcovado is rustic, this place is quite open which allow its guests to enjoy wildlife, the harmony of the nature as well as offers great hospitality, comfortable accommodation and delicious food. 

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La Cusinga Lodge

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yoga in pigeon at La Cusing La Cusinga Lodge

La Cusinga lodge is a luxurious, clean, comfortable and eco-friendly lodge that is situated in a small and less crowded town of Uvita (lays about 11 miles south of Dominica), along Costa Rica’s southern Pacific coast.   This is the perfect place for the nature lovers as well as the people who want to enjoy different types of adventure activities. La Cusinga is working hard to be a model company worldwide and try to make all of their client highly satisfied, and trying to enhances the awareness of sustainability.

Nestled in the harmonious, charming, totally isolated place, La Cusinga Lodge constructed its buildings without making any alteration in the environment and used local materials which are completely eco friendly and also used reforested woods. For the total lodge area, electricity are produced from solar and hydroelectric power.

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Funky Monkey Lodge

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Funky Monkey Lodge 1 750x500 Funky Monkey Lodge

Located only 200 meters away from the pristine white sand beach of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, Funky Monkey Lodge is hidden among the foliage flora, surrounded by rolling green hills, tall trees and blue sky. Its homely like environment is perfect to stay for all sort of vacationers. People who have limited budget they can also enjoy a luxurious vacation in this place. It has a laid back, cozy and cordial atmosphere and offers different kind of accommodation facilities that are ideal for various groups. 


Funky Monkey Lodge offers private bungalows, small and large apartments, suites and also budget rooms. All the rooms are comfortable and equipped with toiletries, fresh linens, towels and also other necessary accessories. You will also enjoy wireless internet service, daily maid services, relaxing on hammocks. These rooms have easy access to the pool and garden. You can stay at Funky Monkey Lodge with your family, friends or love ones. This lodge is also ideal for the honeymoon couple as well as for the travelers who are looking for inspiration or a group of backpackers out on a venture.

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