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Eco lodges, Green Travel, and Sustainable Tourism in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Eco Lodges – Introduction

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The eco resort term has slowly become a rage among environmentally responsible tourists who seek to explore the beauty of a destination without damaging its natural resources. Often used ubiquitously and inserted more as misnomer for plain nature resorts, the term eco lodge in Costa Rica is at times misused and wrongly assigned. The lush tropical nature retreat boasting of a rich topography comprising thriving rainforests, pristine beaches, serene rivers, gushing waterfalls and adventure packed mountainous valleys features abundant authentic eco lodges. These resorts dexterously combine the best of Costa Rica’s blessed natural landscape and its sustainable practices. Since their inception, most genuine eco resorts in the country have been frontrunners for responsible sustainable practices such as local reforestation programs, recycling programs, energy conservation, water conservation, land conservation, toxic reduction and local community development efforts. Some of the more popular and well known resorts have also had the distinction of winning several green awards and certificates by the country’s tourism departments.

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Anamaya Yoga Retreat

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new yoga deck 550px Anamaya Yoga Retreat

Location: Montezuma
Price: $800-$2000/week for retreats
Features: Ocean view, spa, yoga, organic food, surfing, infinity pool


casita2 Anamaya Yoga RetreatDramatically located on a cliff edge against a spectacular ocean backdrop in Montezuma, Anamaya Yoga Retreat is a heady natural hide-out surrounded by pristine waterfalls, lush virgin rainforests and sultry tropical beaches. The term “anamaya” literally means good health in Sanskrit, and yoga retreat deftly epitomizes this virtue. It offers guests a complete eco-retreat experience right down to organic meals, yoga classes, local nature excursions and grand spa services. Top this with special fire dancing sessions, circus entertainment, comfortable accommodation options and personalized hospitality; and you have an intoxicating eco-vacation concoction that can seldom go wrong.

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Blue River Resort and Hot Springs

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Blue river Blue River Resort and Hot Springs

Blue River Resort and Hot Springs is about experiencing true Costa Rica travel. If you want to enjoy your summer vacation in a different way you can stay at this resort. Surrounded by mountain rainforest, covered by jungles, grand waterfalls, splendid blue volcanic rivers, Blue River Resort and Hot Springs is just like a paradise. Some of the main attractions of this resort are the hot springs pools. These hot spring pools are truly spectacular natural mineral “green”. Another great attraction is the botanical gardens. Blue River Resort realises that butterflies are among the most beautiful and attractive creatures on the planet. Planting a butterfly garden draws butterflies to the yard for the guests to enjoy. That why they have beautiful butterfly gardens. Some other great attractions include iguana and frog pond, the Blue River Spa, the fresh water swimming pool & bullet slide.

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Luna Lodge

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Luna Lodge 1 Luna Lodge
Luna Lodge is standing the rolling green hills of Playa Carate, in the Osa Peninsula nearby the Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica.

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Encanta la Vida Rainforest Lodge

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Encanta La Vida Encanta la Vida Rainforest Lodge

Located in the tropical rainforest of Southern Costa Rica, Encanta la Vida is an unique jungle lodge. If you stay at the beach front lodge Cabo Matapalo, you will get the opportunity to witness one of the few untouched pristine regions in the country and you will also enjoy sounds of the jungle, sunbathe on breathtaking beaches and watching the amazing wildlife all in one place.

Osa Peninsula is rich in diversity and the highest density of wildlife in all of Costa Rica. It is home to an incredible variety and abundance of animals and different species of birds for example macaws, toucans, monkeys, aguti etc. Birdwatchers will find the place a paradise as they will be able to watch different birds just right from their cabin patio.

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Hacienda Guachipelin Hotel

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Hotel Hacienda Hacienda Guachipelin Hotel

Located next to Vieja National Park, in Guanacaste, Hacienda Guachipelin Hotel is more than a hotel, it is also paraphrased as ecotourism lodge for adventure lovers as well as for the people want to spend a memorable vacation close to the nature. This lodge was founded in 19th century and running for more than a century. It has a huge piece of land and a part of those lands are used for cultivating tropical dry forest, planting of tree species, and pastureland. This land is also a great place for enjoying adventurous activities such as canopy zip lining, horseback riding, hiking, river tubing, canyoning, natural volcanic hot springs and mud pools.

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Hacienda Baru Lodge

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Superior rooms at Hacienda  Hacienda Baru Lodge

Surrounded by the green natural beauty and wild insects and plants, Hacienda Baru Lodge is an ideal place for the adventure lovers as well as for the people who want to spend their vacation close to the nature. If you have become bored with the same routine life and want to escape away from this harsh busy life for some days, this is one of the best place to get relaxed. While enjoying the fresh fragrance of the plants and fresh gentle breeze on your skin you will experience a heavenly feeling. Hacienda Baru National Refuge and Lodge is situated in the Southern Pacific zone of Costa Rica. This lodge is working hard for protecting the wildlife habitats, natural resources of the area and to give firsthand knowledge to the guests about its biological wealth. Hacienda Baru offers ecologically oriented tours, adventures and tourist services.

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Finca Amanecer

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Finca Amanecer Finca Amanecer

Located on Rio Naranjo in Costa Rica, Finca Amanecer is a “flow through community”, perfect for the people who are seeking for sustainable tourism, eco-lodge experience as well as to explore the beauty of Costa Rica. On seven acres, 10 miles east of Quepos in Londres, Costa Rica, it is a rustic farmhouse, welcome every guests with its friendly environment. Here you can spend enjoyable solitary time as well as can meet lifelong friends. You will have a transformative experience while working as a volunteer at this farm or just stay as a guest. 

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Casa Rio Blanco Ecolodge

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Casa Rio Blanco Casa Rio Blanco Ecolodge

Located in 5 acres of lush green rain forest, near Guapiles, with walking trails to a rustling river and incredible tropical gardens, Casa Rio Blanco Ecolodge is small but well visited ecolodge. Run by a Dutch family, is an ideal place for the adventure lover. This place was created for the people who want to enjoy and experience nature to the fullest in the New World. Rich in its diversity Casa Rio Blanco Ecolodge is located 7 kms west of the town Guápiles. On the main highway towards Limon, you will see big yellow road sign of Casa Rio Blanco Ecolodge. This lodge situated just one hour East from San Jose and it takes only a easy one and half hour drive from the airport Juan Santamaria in San Jose.

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