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Eco lodges, Green Travel, and Sustainable Tourism in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Eco Lodges – Introduction

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The eco resort term has slowly become a rage among environmentally responsible tourists who seek to explore the beauty of a destination without damaging its natural resources. Often used ubiquitously and inserted more as misnomer for plain nature resorts, the term eco lodge in Costa Rica is at times misused and wrongly assigned. The lush tropical nature retreat boasting of a rich topography comprising thriving rainforests, pristine beaches, serene rivers, gushing waterfalls and adventure packed mountainous valleys features abundant authentic eco lodges. These resorts dexterously combine the best of Costa Rica’s blessed natural landscape and its sustainable practices. Since their inception, most genuine eco resorts in the country have been frontrunners for responsible sustainable practices such as local reforestation programs, recycling programs, energy conservation, water conservation, land conservation, toxic reduction and local community development efforts. Some of the more popular and well known resorts have also had the distinction of winning several green awards and certificates by the country’s tourism departments.

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Anamaya Yoga Retreat

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new yoga deck 550px Anamaya Yoga Retreat

Location: Montezuma
Price: $800-$2000/week for retreats
Features: Ocean view, spa, yoga, organic food, surfing, infinity pool


casita2 Anamaya Yoga RetreatDramatically located on a cliff edge against a spectacular ocean backdrop in Montezuma, Anamaya Yoga Retreat is a heady natural hide-out surrounded by pristine waterfalls, lush virgin rainforests and sultry tropical beaches. The term “anamaya” literally means good health in Sanskrit, and yoga retreat deftly epitomizes this virtue. It offers guests a complete eco-retreat experience right down to organic meals, yoga classes, local nature excursions and grand spa services. Top this with special fire dancing sessions, circus entertainment, comfortable accommodation options and personalized hospitality; and you have an intoxicating eco-vacation concoction that can seldom go wrong.

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Costa Rica Surfing Eco Lodges

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Due to the wide accessibility to water, Costa Rica is an ideal spot for surfing. As an incomparable surfing destination Costa Rica can claim water that is blissfully warm all year round and it is centrally located with access to two Oceans, the Atlantic and the Pacific as well as the Caribbean Sea.

Anamaya Yoga Retreat

playa grande surfing safety 150x150 Costa Rica Surfing Eco LodgesNestled among exotic rainforests, shimmering tropical beaches and thundering waterfalls, Anamaya Yoga Retreat is perched on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean in Montezuma.  The Sanskrit translation of Anamaya means “good health” and this is materialized through the effect of sun, sea, sand, nature, yoga and surfing. The guests here have their choice of delicious well prepared organic meals, yoga classes by some of the world’s most experienced yogis, entertainment such as fire dancing sessions and circus presentations as well as local excursions through the natural jungle. The more than adequate accommodations coupled with the warm, personable hospitality make this an ideal vacation for yoga and surfing lovers.

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Costa Rica Sustainable Tourism

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United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has defined Sustainable Tourism as  “tourism that respects both local people and the traveler, cultural heritage and the environment”. Sustainability in itself means satisfying the current needs of the society as well as making sure that the future generation will find enough resources after we are gone. That is, we take only what we need without exploitation thus sustainability is one of the best models of development in our society.

sustainable tourism costa r 300x201 Costa Rica Sustainable TourismSustainability in tourism means a balanced interaction between the three basic factors of tourism

1. Improving the quality of life of the local communities.

2. Natural and cultural resources being used appropriately

3. Sustainable Economic growth which improves other national development programs.

Sustainable tourism in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has emerged as a leading global state with sustainable tourism. This is due to how they manage their projects in the field of tourism. They have managed to carry out a responsible tourism sector with the following factors;

1. A tourism sector that promotes efficient use and conservation of resources.

2. A tourism sector that serves the community and takes care of the environment.

3. Creating better places for people to live in, and better places to visit.

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Four Major Monkey Species of Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is home to different species of monkeys. This include squirrel monkey, white-headed Capuchin, the mantled hawler, spider monkey, wolly monkey, miriquis and many more. But the four major species, the squirrel, white-headed capuchin, the mantled hawler and the spider monkeys are the main attractions in Costa Rica. Each of the four species are seen in national parks, where viewing them is a popular tourist activity.

The Squirrel Monkey

Squirrel Monkey 300x199 Four Major Monkey Species of Costa RicaThis is the smallest of all the Costa Rican monkey species. They have a slender build with a short greyish dense coat. The face is white and the ears, head, back, throat and legs are yellow to grey-green and the other parts are yellow to white. Squirrel monkeys have thirsty-six teeth; with a male having upper canine teeth. The adult male average weight is 0.8kg (1.8lb) while the adult female average weight is 0.7kg (1.5lb). They live in only in secondary forests and partly logged primary forests and the south and central pacific coast of Costa Rica, and the pacific coast of panama near the Coast Rican border meaning that they are the most restricted of all the Costa Rican monkey. They mostly feed on insects which make up about 75% to 80% of its diet. They form troops of 2 to 30 monkeys that have few male monkeys. A squirrel is monkey feeds primarily early in the morning. They are the second after gibbons in being agile on trees using their tail as the third limb. The subspecies (saimiri oerstedii oerstedii) is much endangered, with probably less than 2000 in the wild. There are some eco-lodges including Sabalo Eco-Lodge, Saladero Eco Lodge, and Tiskita Jungle Lodge from where you can watch Squirrel monkeys.

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Caribbean Eco Lodges

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The Caribbean coast is sparsely populated, but offers beautiful beaches, exciting water sports, great yoga retreats and above all endless opportunities for getting close to nature. It is just as beautiful, breathtaking, and majestic as the Pacific coastline. That’s why you would find a lot of Eco-lodges there. If you are a proponent of Eco-tourism, or responsible tourism focused on the natural world, you may find this article quite interesting.


Almonds and Corals

almonds and corals cr 150x150 Caribbean Eco LodgesNestled in the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge, Almonds and Corals Resort offers a tree for one experience by providing a Caribbean resort, a safari camp and an eco friendly hotel all wrapped into one. An intimate, secluded feel is garnered by the fact that this place is almost completely camouflaged by the presence of the think, untamed jungle that hides this beach front lodge. The aim of the resort is to provide the discriminating guest the ability to enjoy the feel of harmony with nature from the luxuriously appointed accommodations. When not engaged in the numerous resort activities and offerings, visitors can indulge their wild side by going kayaking, nature watching especially to catch sight of the poison frog indigenous to the area and dolphin spotting tours as well as many other exciting adventures planned by the resort.

Hacienda Tayutic

hacienda tayutic cr 150x150 Caribbean Eco LodgesCradled in the middle of the richly scenic Tayutic Valley, Hacienda Tayutic is a hotel that offers rustic sophistication in a rural setting. It offers an intimate, home spun charm that is unique. This can be felt in the personal warmth of the people, the home made feel to the exquisite cuisine and the small town aura that is so often difficult to capture. Accommodations are provided in the colonial style former plantation house that resurrects the feel of old world charm with modern amenities. To keep guest occupied, the Hacienda arranges such activities as mountain biking, canopy tours, sightseeing of famous landmarks and kayaking to name a few.

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Osa Peninsula Eco Lodges

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An Eco lodge is a structure that is designed and developed with the intention of maintaining the ecological and environmental integrity of its surroundings. In short this means that the structure is built to complement rather than intrude on its environment. These have become popular as countries try to avoid damaging or destroying the natural surroundings by the intrusion of man, which is inevitable in tourist prone areas.   Some of the best examples of eco lodges can be found in the country of Costa Rica. To learn more please read this article: http://www.costaricaecolodges.net/category/osa-peninsula-eco-lodges/

Agulia de Osa Inn

Agulia de Osa Inn 150x150 Osa Peninsula Eco LodgesWith its proximity to Cano Island for world class snorkeling and hiking as the least of its attractions, Aguila ge Osa Inn offers beauty and adventure beyond compare. Set in the tropical paradise that incorporates the natural attraction of verdant rainforests as a backdrop and untouched beaches in its foreground, this eco lodge is the perfect spot for any nature lover. The suites are tucked into the hillside providing the visitor with the most breath taking view from any angle. Activities provided here include hiking tours of the Corcovado National Park, water activities at Cano Island Biological Reserve, whale watching tours and night wildlife tours.

Bosque del Cabo

Bosque del Cabo 150x150 Osa Peninsula Eco LodgesThe cliffs of Cabo Matapalo hold cradled in the nest of the rainforest the romantic hideaway of Bosque del Cabo. This eco lodge has a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean and is spread across 750 acres of prime forestry. The bungalows offer the convenience of being secluded while at the same time providing the shelter and sophistication that modern amenities can provide.  Well used and define trails lead into the forest where tourists can get a firsthand experience on the wonders of the natural world. This eco lodge is just minutes away from some of the most pristine beaches and activities here include zip lining, deep sea fishing, tree climbing and surfing in the clear azure waters.

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Blue Jay Lodge Malpais

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blue jay lodge Malpais Blue Jay Lodge MalpaisLocated at a distance of 200 meters from a relaxing, tropical sun swept beach; Blue Jay Lodge Malpais is surrounded by bountiful natural experiences such as the best southwest coast beaches within Nicoya Peninsula, spirit inspiring sunsets, perfect surfing waters and the breathtakingly beautiful Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve. This isn’t a typical fancy eco luxury resort but an interesting and authentic Costa Rican experience nevertheless. Blue Jay Lodge Malpais is basic, functional, minimal and clean, and most of its charm lies in this unpretentious simplicity. The huts are rustically endearing and are located bang in the middle of the rainforest, where visitors can be treated to a range of pleasant everyday nature based phenomenon such as the sound of howler monkeys, thrilling sightings of nocturnal wildlife creatures and a view of the lush surroundings from the tree house bungalow verandas. Along with comfortable cabins, Blue Jay is also known for its friendly owners (who are even known to take visitors for a walk near their home on a good day), hearty breakfast and personalized hospitality. This snug family style lodge is a refreshing change for tourists seeking a more genuine nature lodge experience without the usual characteristic frills. Providing unassuming, affordable luxury at its best; Blue Jay Lodge Malapis also offers the right amount of privacy, seclusion, tranquility and exclusivity for tourists seeking a more unruffled experience.

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