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Eco lodges, Green Travel, and Sustainable Tourism in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Eco Lodges – Introduction

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The eco resort term has slowly become a rage among environmentally responsible tourists who seek to explore the beauty of a destination without damaging its natural resources. Often used ubiquitously and inserted more as misnomer for plain nature resorts, the term eco lodge in Costa Rica is at times misused and wrongly assigned. The lush tropical nature retreat boasting of a rich topography comprising thriving rainforests, pristine beaches, serene rivers, gushing waterfalls and adventure packed mountainous valleys features abundant authentic eco lodges. These resorts dexterously combine the best of Costa Rica’s blessed natural landscape and its sustainable practices. Since their inception, most genuine eco resorts in the country have been frontrunners for responsible sustainable practices such as local reforestation programs, recycling programs, energy conservation, water conservation, land conservation, toxic reduction and local community development efforts. Some of the more popular and well known resorts have also had the distinction of winning several green awards and certificates by the country’s tourism departments.

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Anamaya Yoga Retreat

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new yoga deck 550px Anamaya Yoga Retreat

Location: Montezuma
Price: $800-$2000/week for retreats
Features: Ocean view, spa, yoga, organic food, surfing, infinity pool


casita2 Anamaya Yoga RetreatDramatically located on a cliff edge against a spectacular ocean backdrop in Montezuma, Anamaya Yoga Retreat is a heady natural hide-out surrounded by pristine waterfalls, lush virgin rainforests and sultry tropical beaches. The term “anamaya” literally means good health in Sanskrit, and yoga retreat deftly epitomizes this virtue. It offers guests a complete eco-retreat experience right down to organic meals, yoga classes, local nature excursions and grand spa services. Top this with special fire dancing sessions, circus entertainment, comfortable accommodation options and personalized hospitality; and you have an intoxicating eco-vacation concoction that can seldom go wrong.

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El Manantial Lodge

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EntradaPrincipal El Manantial Lodge

Nestled into the Savegre River Valley and borders the Talamanca Mountain Range, El Manantial Lodge is peaceful place to have an awesome time with friends and family. Sits along a verdant hillside in the Los Santos Mountains, El Manantial believes in the fusion of tourism, sustainability and conservation. While staying at El Manantial Lodge, you will enjoy beautiful mountain view and many other facilities that the lodge offers. The surrounding area is home to over 200 species of birds including hummingbirds, tanagers and resplendent quetzals. It takes only hours from San Jose to reach the lodge. 

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Canaima Chill House

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Canaima Chill House Canaima Chill House

Nestled in the white sand beaches along the Nicoya Peninsula, Canaima Chill House offers a luxurious place to lounge in a jungle setting. This rustiv boutique hotel has the tropical touch in its construction and decoration. This place is surrounded by tropical jungles, world class surf destination also has amazing sunsets over the Pacific Ocean and all of these make the place a perfect tourist destination. In the surrounding area, there are international restaurants with delicious cuisine from all over the world as well. You will also find banks, internet cafes, supermarket, car and ATV rental, yoga centers, spas and many surf shops. 

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Buena Vista Lodge

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Buena Vista Buena Vista Lodge

Found in the province of Guanacaste, on a large hacienda near the periphery of Rincon de la Vieja National Park, among the lush rain forest of Costa Rica, Buena Vista Rainforest Lodge is a fantastic spot to enjoy relaxing views and fun nature tours. It is a place that offers a full-360 tour of the forest found in the northwestern tip the country. The surrounding rain forest is about 2,000 acres big and home to different species of wild animals especially the monkey species as well as hot springs and well-preserved vegetation. Visiting this paradise is a great way to learn more about nature. Earlier this rainforest started as a cattle-raising hacienda but later it has been modified to instigate ecotourism and since then it is protecting the environment as well as also getting popularity as a tourist spot.

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Río Magnolia Nature Lodge

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Rio Magnolia Ecolodge Río Magnolia Nature Lodge

Located between Manuel Antonio Park and the Osa Peninsula, the Rio Magnolia Nature Lodge nestled some 12 miles (20 km) from the coast. This lodge is perched atop a hillside that overlooks both the ocean and rain forest. While staying at this luxurious lodge, you will enjoy the best of both worlds, venturing out on adventures during the day and returning to the lodge to get relaxed at night.

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Chachagua Rainforest Resort

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Chachagua Rainforest resort Chachagua Rainforest Resort

Situated in one of the most thriving ecological zones of Costa Rica- the breathtakingly beautiful town of LaFortuna,  Chachagua Rain Forest Lodge is  perfect fusion of eco-friendly practices and generous hospitality. This 300 acres lodge is primarily a working ranch that is surrounded by a biological station. Through its commitment to farming and environmental stewardship,  this hotel demonstrates a new vision of sustainability. Just east of the world renowned Arenal Volcano in the Central Highlands, nestled on the foothills of the abundantly green Tilaran Mountain Chachagua Rainforest Resort offers everything from a luxurious vacation abode to comfortable facilities to top-class service and everything else you need for a memorable vacation. 

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Tamandua Biological Station

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Tamandua Biological Station Tamandua Biological Station

Situated in La Bijagua, Drake Bay, in the Puntarenas Province of Costa Rica, Tamandua Biological Station is surrounded by verdurous greenery and bubbling streams. Located in La Bijagua, Drake Bay, Tamandua Biological Station has two great attractions: Corcovado National Park and Golfo Dulce Forestal Reserve. The Corcovado National Park, considered as the crown jewel of Costa Rica’s national park systemis located in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula. It is one of the most remote and extremely bio-diverse environmental reserves in Coast Rica. On the other hand, Golfo Dulce Forestal Reserve is made up of a tropical rain forest and protects all timber -wood species in the geographic zone that surrounds the Golfo Dulce in the southern zone of Costa Rica.

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Hotel Montanas de Agua

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Hotel Montanas de Agua Hotel Montanas de Agua

Standing only 100 meters from the amazing beach of Playa Dominical, Costa Rica, Hotel Montanas de Agua is a charming hotel that offers superb facilities, and make your vacation memorable. The surrounding area offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy many types of adventure activities. While staying at this hotel you will get opportunity to indulge  in the rich atmosphere sprinkled with sunshine, strolls on silver sand beaches, frolicking in the rolling waves and vistas of luxuriant tropical foliage. It is an ideal location just steps away from the beaches and some of the best surf breaks in Costa Rica. So it is just a paradise for enjoying a wide range of fun activities, adventure activities and enjoy with family members. 

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